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On this page, you will find information about applying for a body art health permit, resources for starting, operating and maintaining a body art facility, rules and regulations, and resource materials available outside of the County of San Diego.


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Forms & Applications

Public Health Permit Application: PDF
Practitioner Registration Application: PDF
Practitioner Location of Operation Agreement: PDF
Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form: PDF
Temporary Event Sponsor Packet Application PDF
For Ear Piercing Facilities: Mechanical Stud and Clasp Ear Piercing Notification Form PDF
Bloodborne Pathogen Trainer Application: PDF
Bloodborne Pathogen Approved Trainer List: PDF


Operating Information

Body Art Operator's Guide: PDF
Starting a Body Art Business Booklet: PDF
Body Art Plan Check Guide: PDF
Body Art Plan Check Checklist - Submitting Plans: PDF
Mobile Body Art Plan Check Guide: PDF
Infection Prevention Control Plan Template: PDF
Body Art Sterilization Log: PDF
Tattoos Permanent Make-Up (FDA guidance): PDF
Microblading Fact Sheet: PDF
Safe Machine Design: PDF
Sterile Water Use in Tattooing: PDF

Massage Plan Check Checklist - Submitting Plans: PDF



Rules & Regulations

Safe Body Art Act Law: PDF
AB 1168 Overview: PDF
AB 300 Overview: PDF
Safe Body Art Act Summary: PDF
Safe Body Art Act Permittee Letter: PDF


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