Food Complaints



To report sanitation problems, fires, water outages, and sewage backups at restaurants and other food facilities within San Diego County:

FHD Complaint Desk
Phone: (858) 505-6903
Please note that we no longer accept anonymous complaints. Your name and contact information will be maintained as confidential; however, we must have a name and phone number or email address.

For general inquiries regarding food facilities within San Diego County:

FHD Duty Specialist
Phone: (858) 505-6900

To report suspected foodborne illness (food poisoning) related to retail food facilities, such as restaurants and markets, within the County of San Diego:

FHD Epidemiology Liaison
Phone: (858) 505-6814

Please fill out this form and email to:

Click HERE for a list of currently operating Food Facilities, Swimming Pools and Housing Facilities, regulated by the County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health and Quality, Food and Housing Division.


Wholesale food processing and distribution facilities that handle food other than meat and poultry:

CA Dept. of Public Health, Food & Drug Branch
Phone: (800) 495-3232 (toll-free)


Domestic and imported food products sold in interstate commerce that do not contain meat or poultry, such as cereal and bottled beverages:

Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Phone:  (888) INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332) (toll-free nationwide) or Southern California (949) 608-3530 or (800) 877-8339 (TDD/TTY)

Food-borne illness or a drug- product tampering cases

FDA's Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
Phone: (888) 723-3366
Emergency/ 24-hour number: (301) 443-1240

Domestic and imported meat, poultry and related products (such as meat- or poultry-containing stews, pizzas, and frozen foods), and processed egg products (generally liquid, frozen, and dried pasteurized egg products):

United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety & Inspection Service
Phone:  (800) 535-4555 (toll-free nationwide) (800) 256-7072 (TDD/TTY)
Website: USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline


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