San Diego County Grand Jury Members


Name Dist. Location Occupation
Alcocer, Raquel 5 Oceanside U.S. Postal Employee
Avery, Steven 2 Santee Retired-Information Technology
Brown, Ken 5 Carlsbad Retired-Research Chemist
Chavira, Thais T. 4 San Diego Retired-Accounting Support Tax Collector
Cronin, Michael 1 Chula Vista Retired-U.S. INS
DeJesus, Mario 2 Spring Valley Business
Fallon, William 1 San Diego Retired-Business Executive
Gonzalez, D. Cruz 3 San Diego Retired-Director of Transportation, City of San Diego
Hampton, Irma 4 San Diego Retired-Retail Sales & Cosmetologist
Linnell, Thomas 1 Chula Vista Retired-Project Manager, Honeywell
Lord, Lynne 2 El Cajon Retired-Health Care Industry
Modic, Victoria 4 San Diego Retired-Director of Health Information Services
Parker, Fred 3 San Diego Retired-VP Operations Manager
Preston de Silva, Lixya 2 El Cajon Retired-County of San Diego Senior Board Asst
Richards, Melinda 2 El Cajon Retired-Senior Admin Analyst, UCSD
Robison, Jenifer 3 Escondido Retired-Policy Analyst
Rutkowski, Bob 1 Bonita Retired-U.S.N. Hospital Corpsman
Tuchrello, William 1 San Diego Retired-Diplomat
Welch, Andrew 4 San Diego Retired-Clergy


Foreman: Melinda J. Richards

Melinda J. Richards has been selected to chair the 2015/2016 San Diego County Grand Jury. The Fletcher Hills resident and eighteen other Grand Jurors officially began serving the community on Wednesday, July 8, 2015.

Richards, a retired Senior Administrative Analyst from the UCSD School of Medicine, most recently worked as a Business Officer for the Clinical and Translational Research Institute and feels her background will help her contribute to the Grand Jury and its mission, “I thought it might be interesting to serve on the jury. I have considerable experience writing funding proposals and formal reports and thought I could contribute those skills to the jury. My hopes for this year are to produce actionable recommendations for improving services in the county.”

The California Constitution provides for a group of 19 citizens of the county to be brought together and to dedicate a year of full-time “watchdog” service looking into the workings of local government.

Richards says, “I anticipate that this year will broaden my knowledge and understanding of the functioning of government agencies in the county. Citizen oversight of public agencies assures “good governance”. The grand jury provides this function in San Diego County and I am excited to be a member of the jury.”