San Diego County Grand Jury Members


Name Dist. Location Occupation
Baskin, Alan 1 Coronado Certified Public Accountant
Gleason, Michael 3 San Diego Retired-TV News Writer/Producer
Hall, Christinna 5 Carlsbad Retired-Educator
Havre, Ryan 5 Carlsbad Student
Kruszona, Raymond 3 San Diego Retired-Facilities Manager
Kupras, Todd 2 La Mesa Retired-Educator
Landis, Jacquelyn 4 San Diego Retired-Writer/Editor
Latimer, Linda 5 Vista Retired-Law Enforcement
Nagaran, Michael 3 San Diego Retired-Educator
Patterson, Conrad 4 San Diego Retired-Director of Facilities & Real Estate
Sanders, Barri 4 San Diego Professor and Mediator
Smestad, Gloria 1 Chula Vista Homemaker
Steele, Gilby 1 Imperial Beach Retired-Police Dispatcher
Taix, Ernest 5 Vista TV News Producer/Director
Taylor, Brian 4 San Diego Retired-U.S.N.
Troyer, Thomas 2 Poway Retired-Chemical Engineer
Vildibill, Alvin 2 El Cajon Retired-Electrical Engineer
Westlake, William 3 Escondido Retired-Marketing Executive
Worthington, Barry 1 San Diego Psychologist


Foreman: Alan I. Baskin

Coronado resident Alan I. Baskin will serve as chairperson of the 2016/2017 San Diego County Grand Jury. Baskin, 69, and eighteen other Grand Jurors officially began their Grand Jury service on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Baskin is a Certified Public Accountant based in Poway. “ I want to use my skills and experience to give back to the County I have been a part of for the past 41years,” says Baskin, who wants to use the Chairperson position to support and enable Grand Jury members to perform at the highest level possible.

The California Constitution mandates a County Grand Jury that provides for a group of 19 citizens of the County to be brought together and to dedicate a year of full-time “watchdog” service looking into the workings of local government.

Baskin hopes others will join his co-jurors and him by applying for future spots on the County Grand Jury, “I would say they should be open-minded, energetic and willing to work. They need to be able to interact with a diverse group of individuals who are focusing on reviewing governmental and agency operations for the benefit of our county.”