Chief Jenkins

Chief Probation Officer Mack Jenkins
Mack Jenkins has worked in the criminal justice field for more than 28 years. He is currently the chief probation officer for San Diego County. Prior to joining San Diego County in December of 2007, Chief Jenkins served as Director for the Orange County Probation Department in Anaheim California.

While with the Orange County Probation Department Chief Jenkins managed the Adult Field Services, Juvenile Field services and Adult Court Services Divisions for Orange County Probation. In those roles, he was responsible for the supervision of more than 6,000 adult offenders, 2,800 juvenile offenders, 3,500 felony substance abuse offenders, and almost 500 felony chronic drug offenders in Orange County Drug Courts.

During his career, Chief Jenkins has also been responsible for the design and implementation of an intensive supervision program for sex offenders, overseen the development of a special supervision program for domestic violence offenders, and has also worked with incarcerated juvenile offenders as the Assistant Director of a Juvenile Detention facility.

Chief Jenkins is the former Chair of the Orange County Drug Court Oversight committee, and served for four years on the board of directors for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. He is a former chair of the Orange County Juvenile Sex Offender Management committee and former member of the Orange County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board and Orange County Methamphetamine Task Force. He is currently a member of the National DWI Court Task Force, operated by the National Center DWI courts.

Chief Jenkins has worked with Drug Courts and substance abuse offenders from 1995 to 2007 and is currently a criminal justice consultant specializing in the design, implementation, and operation of Drug Court programs. He has provided training to criminal justice professionals (Judges, attorneys, probation officers, and police officers) throughout the country on topics including the supervision of substance abuse offenders, Drug and DUI Court programs and the fundamentals of drug testing. He was also a consensus panel member on TIP (Treatment Improvement Protocol) 44 “Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System.”

Chief Jenkins is a former adjunct instructor of criminal justice with the Rancho Santiago Community College District in Orange County and holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from the University of California at Irvine and a Master of Science degree in criminal justice from California State University at Long Beach.
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