The Vector Habitat Remediation Program


In 2005, a ballot measure was passed by property owners providing the Department of Environmental Health Vector Control Program additional funding to support mosquito, vector and disease control services. The ballot designated a portion of the funding to be used for a Vector Habitat Remediation Program (Program). The Program promotes long-term solutions for controlling mosquito breeding habitat and provides increased protection to the public from mosquito-borne diseases.

Under this Program, grant funding is offered to landowners and managers, including public sector entities, to physically alter chronic mosquito breeding sites in ways that will reduce mosquito breeding habitats and improve the effectiveness of mosquito breeding control measures.  The Program provides a strong focus on designing, modifying and maintaining wetlands and stormwater facilities to function in a way that will reduce or eliminate mosquito breeding habitat while balancing water quality, biological, aesthetic and hydrological values. 

The Program offers two types of grants: directed and competitive. Directed grants are limited to $50,000 per individual project and competitive grants are limited to $500,000 per individual project.

Applications for Direct Grants are accepted year round.

Applications for Competitive Grants are now being accepted for

Fiscal Year 2015/16

Stakeholder Meeting Presentation


Conceptual Proposal Applications - April 3, 2015

Detailed Proposal Applications - June 19, 2015

Both deadlines must be met for grant consideration

Please see "Approved Competitive Projects" below for prior years' Grant Awards

If you have any further questions, please contact the County of San Diego Vector Control Program at (858) 694-2888 or email:

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