Education and Outreach

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The Vector Control Program protects public health by educating people about vectors (pests that transmit disease) and how to protect against the diseases they carry.

To learn about these educational opportunities:

Contact the Vector Control Program
  (858) 694-2888


microscopes at a vector control presentation

The Vector Control Program offers free presentations to classrooms, community organizations, HOAs, gardening clubs, and other interested groups. Presentations can cover mosquitoes and/or rats and are flexible in length. 

School Program

The Let's Learn About Mosquitoes! school program is an engaging educational program offered by the Vector Control Program to 4th and 5th grade classrooms. The program follows the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and gives students a hands on way to learn all about mosquitoes and vector control.  


Organizing a community event, science fair, health fair, or other public event? If you would like Vector Control to attend please send the event information and exhibitor application to


  (858) 694-2888