Vector Control Program


The San Diego County Vector Control Program (VCP) is part of the County of San Diego - Department of Environmental Health, Community Health Division. A "vector" is an animal or insect capable of transmitting the causative agent of human disease. "Vector" also includes eye gnats. Some examples of vectors in San Diego County are mosquitoes, ticks and rodents.

The VCP is a countywide program that monitors vectors and the diseases that they carry. The VCP has been reducing and controlling mosquitoes since the 1930’s.

The VCP:
1. Protects public health by surveying for diseases carried by vectors.
2. Reduces peoples’ exposure to vectors and human diseases.
3. Responds to public requests for vector inspections.
4. Educates the public about mosquitoes and other vectors to help residents protect themselves from the diseases vectors can carry.      

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