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Healthy Works is the local Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) program, a $16 million grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to address the obesity epidemic, viewed as a nationwide public health emergency.  Administered by the County of San Diego, Healthy Works partners the County with numerous community, governmental and educational organizations to establish environmental and systems strategies designed to improve health and wellness. 

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Program Overview

County News: San Diego County Awarded Grant from CDC

Accomplishments: First-Year Accomplishments at a Glance; Accomplishments May-September 2011; Accomplishments October-November 2011; Accomplishments March 2010-March 2012

Healthy Works, Making a Difference


Interventions (click on interventions below to read more)

Active Commuters:  Increase physical activity by promoting active modes of transportation as options in commuting to work and school, as well as by improving signage on regional bikeway routes and conducting public information campaigns.

Breast-feeding/Lactation Workplace Policy Increase the number of workplaces throughout San Diego County that develop and implement workplace breast-feeding/lactation policies and programs.

Fresh Fund:  Increase the ability of low income individuals to purchase fresh produce by establishing the Fresh Fund Program at six or more farmers’ markets.

Health Impact:  Integrate health impact forecasting assessment and analysis in regional land use planning and transportation decision making.

Healthy Communities:  Fund grants that will support efforts of local agencies to address public health in local policies, programs, and projects; address health disparities; promote physical activity and access to healthy foods; establish collaborative working relationships between health and planning agencies; and build community consensus around public health needs.

Healthy School Breakfast and Summer Meals Programs: Institutionalize model breakfast delivery systems in high-need areas of the San Diego Unified School District, increase participation in Summer Meals programs, and promote the inclusion of locally grown food into school meal programs.

Media Campaign: Create a comprehensive, broad-based media campaign to promote healthful food and beverage choices and counter the pervasive advertising for unhealthful choices.

Peoples’ Produce:  This is a resident-driven pilot project to create a model for establishing a community-run farmers’ market and a community garden in a high-need community.

Healthy Food Systems: Improve access to and increase consumption of local food and agricultural products.  Make it easier for local institutions to purchase local food and agricultural products.

Regional Land Use:  Adopt public health policy that supports access to active transportation and public transportation, and adopt public health performance measures into regional planning documents.

Resident Leadership Academy:  Create a community-based academy whose participants will assess their neighborhoods, determine and prioritize needs, and implement a Community Improvement Project to support physical activity and healthy eating.

Safe Routes:  Encourage comprehensive Safe Routes to School programs regionally and create programs that can serve as models for San Diego County.

School and Community Gardens: Increase access to fresh produce grown in school and community gardens.  Develop and implement land use strategies supporting gardens, and establish regional garden education centers.

School Wellness: Enhance school wellness policies within six school districts, and assist selected school sites in meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention objective for physical activity.


Enhanced Evaluation Grant/Activities

San Diego received supplementary funding of $1.7 million for enhanced evaluation of the CPPW project.  The additional funding will be used to expand countywide Body Mass Index (BMI) surveillance through the San Diego Immunization Registry, as well as the evaluation of the Fresh Funds Farmer’s Market project and two of the nutrition programs in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD): Healthy Breakfast and Summer Meals.  The initial focus for BMI data collection will be on school-aged children to correspond with the school interventions in the SDUSD.  The additional funding will allow for the collection of more quantitative data to better assess the impact of these interventions.


CPPW Contractors:

Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP)

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)     CPPW project

San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)

San Diego State University (SDSU)    Award Notice    Grantee Profile

University of California San Diego (UCSD)    Award Notice    

Contractor resources: Common language and media guidelines for interventions



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