The San Diego County Fire Authority supports the delivery of high quality emergency medical and fire services to a 1.5 million-acre area of unincorporated San Diego County. The emergency services are provided by a combination of professionally trained volunteer and career staff. Additionally, the San Diego County Fire Authority coordinates regional fire prevention for unincorporated San Diego County.


Recent News and Updates


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More Rain; More Sandbags

The recent round of severe weather and heavy rain has had the unfortunate effect of making many homeowners aware that they live in a flood prone area or one that is plagued by poor drainage. To help those property owners prepare for future rain events, there are a number of locations where County residents can get sand and bags to aid in their efforts.


Top 10 Winter Freeze Tips

The official start of winter isn’t quite here yet, but it’s never too early to take these simple measures to ensure your family’s safety during the colder months.


New Fire Assessment Could Mean Lower Insurance Rates

An assessment of County Fire Authority capabilities by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) has resulted in a Public Protection Classification (rating) that could prove beneficial to property owners.

To view the video of the Board Meeting, click here.




Truck 36 is the newest addition to the San Diego County Fire Authority’s fleet of firefighting apparatus.

This state of the art fire apparatus, manufactured by KME (Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corporation), is known as a ‘quint’ (quintuple) combination apparatus named for the five major functional components the unit provides which include a rated fire pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device and ground ladders. Specifically, Truck 36 is equipped with a 105’ Aerial Ladder capable of delivering elevated master streams and effecting rescues from multi-story buildings and a full complement of ground ladders. In addition, there is 500' of large diameter supply hose and a 500 gallon water tank as well as a rated fire pump that is capable of delivering 1500 gallons of water per minute. Truck 36 also carries a full complement of Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools (sometimes referred to as the “jaws of life”) that are commonly used to extricate occupants that are trapped in vehicles after a collision,  a variety of technical rescue equipment and ropes for performing high and low angle rescues as well as medical equipment including a defibrillator and medications used in delivering advanced life support measures by paramedics in the field. Truck 36 was provided by the Jamul Indian Village (J.I.V.) and the cost was approximately $1.1 million dollars; the apparatus will be located at Fire Station 36 (FS 36) in Jamul and will be independently staffed with 4 career firefighters with paramedic capabilities that will respond  to emergencies throughout the region.