The San Diego County Fire supports the delivery of high quality emergency medical and fire services to a 1.5 million-acre area of unincorporated San Diego County. The emergency services are provided by a combination of professionally trained volunteer and career staff. Additionally, the San Diego County Fire coordinates regional fire prevention for unincorporated San Diego County.


Recent News and Updates


Put a Freeze On Winter Fires
NFPA and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) are teaming up to remind you that the winter months are the leading time of year for home fires. To help you stay safe, we’re providing a wealth of safety tips and information on cooking, heating, candles and holiday decorating – factors that contribute to the increased risk of home fires in the months ahead.



Fall, Rain, El Niño- The County is Offering Sandbags to Residents of Unincorporated Communities 

As it has for several years, the County of San Diego is offering free sand and bags to residents in unincorporated communities — but now at more places than ever before.

Click to find out where you can get a free sandbag 



Supervisors Honor Mutual Aid Emergency Workers

Fierce wildfires have devastated parts of Northern California and the state of Washington in recent months, and five San Diego County employees deployed to assist with emergency operations in a couple of the hardest hit areas.

All recently returned, and they were honored Tuesday with a Board of Supervisors proclamation recognizing their work.County is considered the second most destructive wildfire -- and remains the largest wildfire -- in state history.



The County Has a New Addition to their Arsenal

"The Bell 205 A-1 will be based at Gillespie Field in El Cajon and flown by ASTREA, the Sheriff’s Department aviation unit. It can hoist critical equipment, ferry firefighters to remote spots and includes a 375-gallon water tank for fire suppression"


San Diegans Register for Life-Saving App

More than 35,000 San Diego County Residents have downloaded the Pulse Point Respond app on their phones. Read all about it here




Learn how you can prepare your home and your family for this fire season. Learn about defensible space, weed and brush requirements, drought conditions, and more!



Are you concerned about how the drought is affecting your defensible space? Check out the Drought and Defensible Space Flyer to get more information on vegetation that you can plant around your home that is fire retardant and safe!