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Notice of Cost Recovery Proposal

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) will be bringing forward proposed fee adjustments to the Board of Supervisors for consideration in March 2017 (anticipated).  San Diego County Board of Supervisors policy B-29 requires DEH to be full cost recovery.  DEH last adjusted fees in 2010, and since then the department has focused on how to offset rising costs by gaining operational efficiencies, leveraging technology to streamline work, and implementing business re-engineering projects.  The following is a list of current and proposed fees for the Radiological Health programs.  If you have any questions regarding DEH’s cost recovery proposal, please contact Eric Lardy at 858-505-6932 or


The Radiological Health Program is the local agency that enforces the state and federal radiation control regulations in San Diego County.  Ionizing radiation has the potential to expose employees and the general public to harmful effects. The widespread use of radioactive materials and x-ray machines in health care, research, and industry has required a program to monitor and control radiation hazards. Radiological Health Specialists in San Diego County monitor the storage, use and disposal of radioactive materials and the safe use of x-ray producing equipment through a contract with the Radiological Health Branch of the State Department of Health Services. 

San Diego County is one of the few local agencies designated by the Department of Health Services to conduct radiation inspections. Prior to 1986, when this contract started, the county relied upon state inspectors from Los Angeles or Sacramento to ensure safe radiological standards in our county. 

This program provides many services to the community and regulated businesses, including:

  1. Radiation safety compliance & education to radioactive materials licensees, x-ray machine registrants & the public.
  2. Evaluation of shielding plans & blue prints of proposed x-ray facilities.
  3. Inspection of radioactive material licensees & x-ray machine registrants to determine compliance with Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations & 10CFR, part 20 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  4. Inspection of mammography x-ray facilities to determine compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.  
  5. Inspection of all x-ray machines to determine that quality assurance standards are met.
  6. Verification that all operators of medical & chiropractic x-ray machines are certified by the State of California.  
  7. Response to incidents involving radioactive materials & x-ray machines, investigation of incident cause, preparation of detailed reports, & if appropriate, issuance of citation(s)
  8. Participation in emergency preparedness planning for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station &  the Off-site Dose Assessment Center.

Forms & Instruction



HM9900  Plan Check Instructions

HM9901  Plan Check Application/Fee Schedule



RH2261  X-ray Machine Registration
for:  Report of Change Machine Inventory
Radiation Transfer Notice
      Inventory of Radiation Machine Schedule A



To obtain forms for certification of operators and licensing of radioactive materials facilities, please go to the
State of California Radiological Health Branch website.

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