Compost Bin Voucher Program

The County of San Diego has partnered with Dixieline ProBuild in Rancho San Diego and Escondido to provide low‐cost compost bins to unincorporated County residents. Please submit an application according to the instructions below for address qualification. Upon qualification, residents will receive their compost bin voucher to redeem at the two Dixieline ProBuild locations. Don't know if you live in the unincorporated area of the County? This map will help.

Once in the map, put your address in the upper right hand search box. If your location is in the light grey boundaries, you are in the unincorporated, if you are in the darker grey boundaries, you are in another jurisdiction.

Online Application Submittal

PDF Application for Submittal (to print out and mail, or to print and scan back)

Free Composting Workshops!




Soil Saver Compost Bin

(After voucher)



Can O' Worms - Worm Composting Bin

(After voucher)



Online Submittal


Email County Staff


Recycling Staff
5510 Overland Ave, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92123


County staff will process application, ensure residency and send out the voucher.

Note: Emailed and online applications are able to be processed more quickly.

Discount voucher applied at point of sale.


Dixieline ‐ Rancho San Diego

3607 Avocado Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91941

Dixieline ‐ Escondido
561 North Tulip Street
Escondido, CA 92025

Vouchers only at these stores

Supplies, Workshops and Composting Assistance
For more information on workshop dates and compost how-to's, unincorporated residents may contact the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation at (760) 436-7986 ext. 222.

Home Composting Resource Guide (where to buy worms and other composting related items in San Diego)

GUIDES: Composting and Vermicomposting (composting with worms) 

Compost it Yourself Guide: Guide to Backyard Composting (full guide)

What is Composting and Why Do it?

Choose a Compost Style that Works for You

Composting Basics

The Compost Continuum

Vermicomposting Basics (composting with worms)

Harvesting and Using your Compost

Compost Troubleshooting & Additional Resources

School Composting Programs
The County offers free composting education and assistance with compost and worm bin set up and in some cases donation of bins. Assistance with composting is available on a first come first serve basis and for schools located in the unincorporated county. Please contact Solana Center for Environmental Innovation if you are interested in setting up a composting program in your school. (760) 436-7986 ext. 222

Composting Tips for School and Community Gardens

Demonstration Gardens
Want to learn how to produce a valuable soil amendment from your food scraps and yard waste? Composting workshops and subsidized bin sales are offered in many unincorporated communities and at composting demonstration sites at the Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden in Rancho San Diego, Deer Park Monastery in unincorporated Escondido, and Crestridge Ecological Reserve (at Earth Discovery Institute) in Crest.

Additional Compost Demonstration Areas and Educational Signage can be seen at:

Otay Lakes County Park

Sweetwater Regional Park

Dos Picos County Park

Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, Encinitas, CA

Landscaper's Best Practices
Design and maintain commercial and residential landscapes?
To reduce the amount of yard waste you dispose, consult the Sustainable Landscape Practices Guide.

Trees: how to select proper trees for landscaping

Trees: proper pruning techniques

Trees: proper planting treachniques

Trees and utilities

Yard Waste
For locations to recycle your green yard debris and woody material or to pick up compost and/or mulch consult the
NEW Yard Trimmings Recycling Guide!

No-Cost Chipping Service for Fuel (Vegetation) Reduction
This program offers a No-Cost Chipping Service for fuel reduction to qualified residents in certain areas of the unincorporated County. Click here for more details.

Animal Waste Management
Composting is a low cost and efficient way to manage animal manures.

Watch our video to learn how to manage your manure by composting!

Erosion Control

Compost modifies the physical soil properties, improving water-holding ability and resistance to compaction. For this reason, compost is more commonly being used as an erosion control material that enhances soil. Compost is made from readily available, inexpensive materials and is gaining ground as an accepted material for erosion control measures in construction projects and roadside landscaping in California whereby road and construction projects degrade and compact soil, causing breakdown of aggregates and loss of structure.

Together, the County Watershed Protection Program and the Recycling Section are working together on an erosion control pilot study at Poway Landfill. The control study is designed to measure the effectiveness of compost socks versus straw waddles in erosion control and slope stabilization over a one year period.

The following web sites offer extended information on using compost as an erosion control measure. Please explore the links to learn more.

California Integrated Waste Management Board Erosion Control Studies

Caltrans Compost Specifications

Filtrexx Compost Socks and Other Erosion Control Materials