Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program - School Entry Health Requirements


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Purpose: Promote school readiness and academic achievement through preventive healthcare.


The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program Health Promotion/Education unit works closely with schools to promote the required school entry health assessment. The following are the two required assessments: 

  • School Entry Health Check-Up Requirement: All incoming first grade students are required to have had a well-child health exam within 18 months prior to or 90 days after entry into first grade. No cost-health exams are available to children from families with low-incomes. 
  • Oral Health Assessment: California signed into law the Oral Health Assessment requirement (AB 1433) in 2005. AB 1433 requires that children entering public school for the first time (at kindergarten or first grade) have an oral health assessment performed by a California-licensed dentist or registered dental hygienist within 12 months prior to or by May 31 of the child's first year in public school. The ultimate goal of the legislation is to connect children with a regular source of dental care.

Families can call 1-800-675-2229 to learn more or to find a provider in their area. 

About CHDP's School Entry Health Requirements

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For more information phone 619-692-8692 or send us an email.


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