Flood Control

Stormwater Control Operation & Maintenance (9)

Flood Control Functions

The Flood Control Section is responsible for the maintenance of existing stormwater drainage facilities, construction of new district facilities, flood warning, hydrologic data collection and assuring private development projects meet flood Control objectives and compliance with Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) guidelines. It provides staff support for the Flood Control Commission, drafts and reviews state and local regulations and provides FEMA and County Flood Plain Map information, technical reports, public and private land development studies and standards for support of private development.  It also receives drainage complaints and provides information and appropriate action(s). For questions about general Flood Control issues, please call (858) 694-2112.

The Flood Control Section is comprised of two sections: Flood Control Engineering and Flood Control Hydrology and is supported by Flood Control District. For more information on each part of the organization, click on a link below: