Flood Control

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Stormwater Control Operation & Maintenance (9)

Flood Control Functions

The Flood Control Section is responsible for the maintenance of existing stormwater drainage facilities, construction of new district facilities, flood warning, hydrologic data collection and assuring private development projects meet flood Control objectives and compliance with Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) guidelines. It provides staff support for the Flood Control Commission, drafts and reviews state and local regulations and provides FEMA and County Flood Plain Map information, technical reports, public and private land development studies and standards for support of private development.  It also receives drainage complaints and provides information and appropriate action(s). For questions about general Flood Control issues, please call (858) 694-2112.

The Flood Control Section is comprised of two sections: Flood Control Engineering and Flood Control Hydrology and is supported by Board of Directors and Advisory Commission.  The functions of each are described below.

Flood Control/Engineering
The Engineering Section is primarily responsible for maintenance and construction of stormwater drainage facilities, developing and reviewing hydrologic and hydraulic studies and associated mapping, and ensuring compliance with sound floodplain management criteria aimed at reducing flood risk.

Flood Control/Hydrology
The Hydrology Section is primarily responsible for Flood Warning and rainfall data collection.
Flood Warning uses a network of automated rain, stream, reservoir and weather stations known as the ALERT Flood Warning System. Weather changes are reported in real-time to our Kearny Mesa office.

Flood Control District Board
The San Diego County Flood Control District (FCD) is run by a five-member panel called the Board of Directors, also serving as the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors. The Board of Directors has created a FCD Advisory Commission that investigates, then advises the Board, FCD Manager (the Assistant Director of Land Development), and County staff regarding various District issues. It is the responsibility of the FCD Manager and staff to enact the terms of the San Diego County FCD Act and carry out the policy of the Board of Directors.

Flood Control District Manager (Interim)
Sara Agahi
Department of Public Works
5510 Overland Ave., Suite 410, MS O326
San Diego,  CA  92123
Phone: 858.694.2665
Fax: 858.495.5263
E-mail: Sara.Agahi@sdcounty.ca.gov

Quick Links:

Technical Manuals:
Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan Progress Report – 2013 to 2014 (.pdf)
Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan Progress Report – 2010 to 2012 (.pdf)
2010 Update: County of San Diego Floodplain Management Plan (.pdf)
2009 Update: County of San Diego Floodplain Management Plan (.pdf)
Floodplain Management Plan (.pdf)
Hydrology Manual
Hydrology Soil Group Map (.pdf)
Hydraulic Design Manual
Flood Control Publications & Downloadable Documents
Weather-Related Sites
Links to Other Flood Agencies

Governing Ordinances:
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Watershed Protection Ordinance
Grading Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance
Resource Protection Ordinance

Flood Control Grant Projects:
McClellan-Palomar Airport Water Quality Basin
Woodside Avenue Water Quality Basin
Cottonwood Creek Invasive Species Removal Project

Floodplain information:
Floodplain Development Regulations and Permitting
Natural and Beneficial Functions of Floodplains
Alluvial Fan Flooding and Protection

FEMA Information:
FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Map Revisions
FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)


If you have questions or would like additional information, 
call the County Stormwater hotline at 1(888) 846-0800
or e-mail us at watersheds@sdcounty.ca.gov

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Department of Public Works
Flood Control
5510 Overland Ave., Suite 410, MS O326
San Diego,  CA  92123,  USA
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