Project Issue Resolution Conference

A Project Issue Resolution (PIR) Conference is a meeting that includes an applicant, our Executive Management team, and County Project Staff to discuss issues and identify solutions that were not able to be resolved with a County Project Manager due to interpretations of a code or other unique circumstances related to a project. The County is committed to helping customers navigate the land use permit process and ensuring customer satisfaction. The County recognizes land development can be complex and each project is unique. The goal of the PIR process is to help facilitate processing of each permit application in an efficient and timely manner by elevating technical project issues to our Executive Management team.

How does the Project Issue Resolution Conference process work?

In the event that a PIR Conference is requested, a copy of a completed Project Issue Resolution Conference Form must be submitted to the respective project manager. A PIR Conference should only be requested if all issues or concerns have been communicated and reviewed by your respective project manager and their supervisor or Planning Manager prior to requesting a Project Issue Resolution Conference. Once a completed form has been submitted, the respective project manager will determine the appropriate staff to attend the meeting. PDS staff will then schedule a meeting for the next scheduled PIR Conference as soon as possible. Conferences will occur approximately once every two weeks at the County Operations Center 5510 Overland Avenue, Suite 310, San Diego, CA. Conference dates may potentially be scheduled earlier than two weeks depending on staff availability and a project's timeline.

At the PIR Conference, PDS staff and Executive Management will review the issues outlined on the Project Issue Resolution Form to make a determination. Following the meeting, PDS staff will provide the applicant with meeting notes and a Project Issue Resolution Conference Results Form outlining determinations and results from the meeting. Charges will be made in accordance with the County fee ordinances. When applicable, project level staff will charge the applicant's trust account for land use applications with a deposit account, but management will not. Project staff time charges will be minimized to ensure that the process is as cost-efficient as possible.

Exceptions to the Project Issue Resolution Conference Process

The PIR Conference process does not apply to the following situations:

  • Reconsiderations of final decisions (including appeals) or recommendations made by the Director or any other formal County of San Diego decision-making body.
  • Replacement of any other appeal mechanisms such as California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) determinations, or administrative appeals but may be used to augment these processes.
  • This process is only available to project applicants.

Please note that decisions resulting from this process will not be binding on any County Decision-Maker.

Contact Information, Resources, and Additional Questions

Please submit the following form to your respective project manager if a Project Issue Resolution Conference is requested:

Project Issue Resolution Conference Request Form

If you have any further questions regarding the Project Issue Resolution Conference process, please contact your respective project manager. 

Project Issue Resolution Conference Flyer

If you have any additional questions related to permit processing, please click here and contact the respective division of PDS.