Climate Action Plan

POD 15-002



The County of San Diego (County) is pleased to release the Public Outreach and Engagement Plan (Outreach Plan) for the County’s Climate Action Plan (CAP).

The Outreach Plan summarizes how the County will engage the public and other interested parties in the preparation of a successful CAP. Public outreach will assist the County in both providing timely information to and receiving input from interested parties during the development of the CAP and associated Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

The goals of the County’s outreach efforts are to:
(1) raise awareness of the CAP;
(2) educate the public and other organizations about the CAP;
(3) provide opportunities for input at the various steps of CAP development;
(4) provide opportunities to influence decision-making on the CAP; and,
(5) provide a public process that meets the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines.

Tentative Project Schedule has been incorporated as part of the Outreach Plan. The schedule outlines the major milestones for the CAP and EIR, and opportunities for engagement as the project moves forward. The Outreach Plan and Tentative Project Schedule can be downloaded on this website. Future notifications, draft documents, and related studies will be posted on this website as well.


In July 2015, Planning & Development Services staff initiated work on the CAP. The CAP will outline the specific activities the County will undertake to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the unincorporated communities of San Diego County. The CAP will also aid the County to meet State-mandated GHG reduction targets. An EIR will be prepared and is scheduled for adoption by the County Board of Supervisors in the Fall of 2017.


For more information regarding the CAP, or to be added to our stakeholder list to receive future notifications, please contact: 
Bulmaro Canseco | CAP Project Manager | | (858) 694-2216

Media inquiries should be addressed to:
Alex Bell | Group Communications Officer | | (619) 531-5410

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