ReThink Waste


San Diego County’s ReThink Waste campaign encourages people to rethink what they consider waste. The ads are designed to inspire our community to take a second look at what they are throwing away, how much they are consuming, and become active participants in waste reduction efforts. 

Our goal for the campaign is to increase public awareness about recycling and waste reduction and increase residents waste reduction behaviors by providing them with simple easy steps to reduce waste and improve their lives through saved time and money, while strengthening their community connections.


Reduce holiday waste by giving gifts of experience

Reduce holiday waste by giving gifts of experience.


Reduce Junk Mail

Stop wasting time on junk mail.

Reuse and Reduce Cardboard

Reuse cardboard to reduce waste.


Reduce Holiday Food Waste

Reduce food waste by planning ahead.

Donate textiles for reuse

Donate textiles for reuse.



Compost food scraps

Compost food scraps.


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