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On this page, you will find information about applying for a swimming pool health permit, resources for operating and constructing swimming pools, rules & regulations, and resource materials available outside of the County of San Diego.  The Swimming Pool Operator Guide provides specific information to assist the layman in the proper maintenance and operation of pool and spas.  The purpose of the Department of Environmental Health Food and Housing Division (FHD) Pool program is to assure that all public swimming pools and spas are maintained in a safe and healthful condition.

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Forms & Applications

Pool Public Health Permit Application:  PDF
Pool Facility Fee Schedule: PDF
Pool Plan Check Application:  PDF
Pool Plan Check Fee Schedule: PDF
Pool Responsible Person Contact Information: PDF
Assembly Bill 1020 Compliance Form:  PDF


Operating Information

NEW - 2015 Pool Seminar Presentation: PDF
NEW - Title 22 Regulation Changes (Effective January 1, 2015): PDF
UPDATED - Common Pool & Spa Terms:  PDF
NEW - Guidance to Create an Incidence Response Plan: PDF
NEW -  Water Contamination Response Log: PDF
Swimming Pool Operator's Guide:  PDF (01/2015 - currently being updated)
UPDATED - Swimming Pool Safety:  PDF 
UPDATED - Swimming Pool & Spa Self-Inspection:  PDF
UPDATED - Daily Swimming Pool & Spa Chemistry Log:  PDF 
Test Strip Instructions:  PDF

Disaster/Emergency Procedures

Fecal Accident Clean-Up Procedure (CCDEH Recommendation):  PDF
Managing Swimming Pools Impacted By Smoke & Ash:  PDF (01/2015 - currently being updated)
Pool Safety During Power Outages:  PDF
NSPF - What To Do During Catastrophic Circumstances (Floods, Hurricanes) - PDF

Plan Check

Pool Owner-Builder Verification Form
Pool Renovation Guide (remodeling or re-plastering)
Approved Pool Coping:  PDF  
Guidelines for Construction and Operation of Spray Grounds (CCDEH Recommendations) PDF
Guidelines for Installation and Operation of Waterslides (CCDEH Recommendations)



Rules & Regulations

California Public Swimming Pool Requirements

NEW - Title 22: PDF  
Title 24: PDF
Title 24 Updates (Effective July 1, 2015): PDF
Title 24 Pool Sign Requirements: PDF  
Assembly Bill 1020:  PDF  
California Pool Code for the Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Public Swimming Pools PDF



California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH)

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week

Drowning Prevention Foundation

National Swimming Pool Foundation



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