Request to Speak at Meeting/Hearing

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1. Please indicate what method you prefer to make a comment (either A, or B):

 (A) I would like to speak as an individual.

 (B) I would like to register my position as stated below but do not wish to speak.

Guide for Speakers:

  • Any person wishing to make a presentation on an agenda item is requested to file this form before the beginning of the meeting, or at the time that the item is called for discussion.
  • Each speaker is allocated a maximum of three minutes per presentation.
  • Comments may be directed to the Board as a group.
  • Materials submitted at the meeting become part of the Board’s official record.  It is suggested that 14 copies be submitted, that the presenter’s name and agenda number be clearly marked on the materials, and that the materials be provided to staff before discussion begins on the item.
  • A Request to Speak PDF form is avialable for download here.  The completed form can be emailed to