Birth Certificates

Last updated 07/03/2024. 


By law, each live birth in San Diego must be registered with the Office of Vital Records and Statistics (OVRS) within 21 days of the child’s birth.


OVRS provides birth certificates from 1957 to present. Two types of birth certificates:

  1. Authorized Certified Copy – only provided to Authorized Individuals. You must have a notarized Sworn Statement.
  2. Informational Certified Copy – provided to all other individuals. You do not need a Sworn Statement.

A certified copy of a birth certificate costs $32.00. This fee is set by the State.

See below, or click the following links, to learn more:

You cannot get a birth certificate by email. Call the office at (619) 692-5733 if you have questions. English, Spanish, and Tagalog are spoken.

Request A Birth Certificate


Building icon in blue.

1. OVRS is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

5560 Overland Avenue, Suite 130,
San Diego, CA 92123

Document icon in blue.

2. Have these ready:

  • Child's full name as it is on the birth certificate,
  • Mother's full maiden name,
  • Child's date of birth, and
  • A valid government issued picture ID.
Check icon in blue.

3. Complete payment of $32.00 per copy. There are three ways to pay:

  • Cash;
  • Debit, credit, tap to pay; or
  • Check, or money order, payable to County of San Diego.
Red, orange, and blue VitalChek logo. VitalChek is a third-party website authorized to process requests online for the Office of Vital Records and Statistics.


VitalChek is a third-party website that processes requests online for the Office of Vital Records and Statistics.

Web icon in blue.

1. Visit

Checkbox icon in blue.

2. Go to "Order Certificate", then choose "Birth Certificates."

Application icon in blue.

3. Fill out the application.

Payment (e.g., debit, credit) card icon in blue.

4. Complete payment with credit card, debit card, or electronic check.

  • Certificate fee is $32.00 per copy.
  • VitalChek processing fee is $12.95.
  • Shipping fee is no cost for regular mail, or $19.00 for Express UPS.

For more information, visit VitalChek online, or call 1-877-459-1061.



Application icon in blue.
Check icon in blue.

2. Complete payment of $32.00 per copy with check, or money order, payable to County of San Diego

  • Cash not accepted.
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3. Mail completed Application for a Birth Certificate and payment to:

County of San Diego Vital Records
P.O. Box 429001
                  San Diego, CA 92142

Register an Out of Hospital Birth

If a child was born at home or outside of a hospital:

  • The attending doctor, or midwife, registers the birth.
  • The parent(s) register the birth when there is no attending doctor or midwife. This is completed after the baby is born by appointment only.
  • Parent(s) must provide proof of:
    • Pregnancy,
    • Residence,
    • Identity, and
    • Medical information.
  • Call OVRS at (619) 692-5733 to be sent an Out-of-Hospital Birth Certificate Registration Packet.


Send an email, or phone (619) 692-5733, for more information.