San Diego County Investor Relations

Credit Rating

As of 06/14/2024

Issuer Rating 

  • Moody’s: Aaa
  • S&P: AAA
  • Fitch: AAA

Certificates of Participation & Lease Revenue Bonds 

  • Moody’s: Aa1
  • S&P: AA+
  • Fitch: AA+

Pension Obligation Bonds

  • Moody’s: Aaa
  • S&P: AAA
  • Fitch: AAA *

Investment Pool 

  • Fitch: AAAf/S1 *

* Revised 06.14.2024

Debt Portfolio

For comprehensive information, view the Debt Management Policies and Obligations section of the County of San Diego Operational Plan.  



Pension Obligation Bonds



Lease Revenue Bonds

2016 County Operations Center, San Diego Regional Building Authority

Certificates of Participation

2023 County Public Health Laboratory and Capital Improvements

2021 Youth Transition Campus

2020A County Administration Center Waterfront Park 

2020B Cedar and Kettner Development

2019 Justice Facilities Refunding

2014 Edgemoor and RCS Refunding

Tax Allocation Bonds

2005 Gillespie Field Project

Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs)

The County of San Diego has not issued TRANs since 2013

Debt Advisory Committee

The Debt Advisory Committee reviews and evaluates financial obligations that bear the name of the County of San Diego or of any subordinate agency of the County, centralizing the management of long-term obligations. The committee is composed of the Chief Financial Officer, Auditor & Controller, and Treasurer-Tax Collector. 

San Diego Capital Asset Leasing Corporation

San Diego County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation (SANCAL) was established to finance the acquisition of County buildings and equipment.