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If you have questions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) please contact:

Call 2-1-1
Email 211 San Diego -
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For up to date information about COVID-19, including resource documents such as the County public health order, frequently asked questions, informational posters, and guidance visit or COVID-19 Information and Resources in Other Languages Web Page


Effective March 19, 2020: To slow the transmission of COVID-19, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) will be temporarily closing all public lobby spaces effective Friday, March 20th. To ensure our customer’s needs are being met, DEH will be going to a virtual business process until further notice. 


Experiencing a Power Outage, remember to follow these Food Safety Tips. Learn more about Food Safety during Power Outages.



Isolation of people with or likely to have COVID-19 (PDF)
Arabic | Chinese | Karen | Korean | Somali | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

Quarantine of people exposed to COVID-19 (PDF)
Arabic | Chinese | Karen | Korean | Somali | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

July 24, 2020
: The FDA (en español) is warning consumers to check their supplies of hand sanitizers, as some have been found to contain methanol (also known as wood alcohol), which is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can be life-threatening when ingested. Handsanitizer Warning Flyer (en español).

Effective August 31, 2020: San Diego County has been designated Tier 2 - Substantial Risk Level on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Many of the sectors listed can resume indoor activities with a limited capacity and COVID-19 safety precaution modifications in place. These precautions are outlined in the State Guidelines and the Safe Reopening Plans or Food Facility Protocols, specific to your industry. 


The person in charge of a food facility is required to report to the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health when a food employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, Salmonella, Shigella, Enterohemorrhagic, or Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli, Hepatitis A, Norovirus or Entamoeba Histolytica.

Call (858) 505-6814 or email 



San Diego Safe Onsite Food and Beverage Plan – Review guidance. (Updated 06/09/20)
San Diego Food Facility, Restaurant, Bar, Winery, Brewery Operating Protocol – Fill out, print and post at a public entrance. Implement all mandatory measures.  (Updated 06/09/20)
San Diego Guidance for Food Facility Re-Openings  – Guidance checklist to help you with re-opening.
San Diego Safe Dining Posters – Print and display these posters at all entrances to the facility.
State Guidance for Restaurants, Bars and Wineries – Review guidance for additional measures. 
State Guidance for Family Entertainment Centers – Review guidance for additional measures.  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about business practices for those who serve Alcohol.
Food Facilities: Questions and Answers (Updated 08/28/20)
Temporary Outdoor Dining Experience During COVID-19 - Standard Operating Procedures 
State Guidelines on Face Coverings / County Guidance

خطة الموقع الآمن للأغذية والمشروبات في سان دييغو (Updated 06/11/20)
روتوكول تشغيل مرفق الغذاء ، المطعم ، البار ، مصنع النبيذ ، مصنع التخمير في سان دييكو (Updated 06/11/20)
ملصقات طعام آمنة

طرح ایمن سازی صرف غذا و نوشیدنی در محل اغذیه فروشی های سن دیگو در شرایط کووید-19 (Updated 06/15/20)
کانتی سن دیگو – پروتکل راه اندازی مراکز اغذیه فروشی، رستورانها، بارها و کارخانه های شراب سازی و آبجوسازی در شرایط کووید-19  (Updated 06/15/20)
پوسترهای ناهار خوری ایمن

サンディエゴの安全現場飲食物計画 (Updated 06/12/20)
サンディエゴ食品施設、レストラン、バー、ワイナリー、醸造所に対する運営手順 (Updated 06/12/20)

San Diego w>ylRzsJ;zJw>qgw>tDw>tD'D;w>xHw>edw>&J.w>usJR
  (Updated 06/17/20)
San Diego w>tD.w>tDw>ol.xD.<w>;< w>qgoH;tvD> (Bar) < w>zDpyH;xH;tvD><  w>zDbH.,.w>rRw>od.w>oDw>rRusJ (Updated 06/17/20)

샌디에이고 안전한 현장 식음료 계획 (Updated 06/12/20)
샌디에이고 식품 시설, 레스토랑, 바, 와이너리, 양조장 운영 프로토콜 (Updated 06/12/20)
안전한 다이닝 포스터

 (Updated 06/10/20)
聖地亞哥食品設施,餐廳,酒吧,酒莊,啤酒廠操作協議 (Updated 06/10/20)

Qorshaha Cuntada iyo Cabbitaanka ee San Diego ee Nabdoonaanta (Updated 06/12/20)
Xarunta San Diego Food Facility, makhaayadda, Bar, Winery, Borotokoolka Howlgalka (Updated 06/12/20)
Boostada Qolka Nabdoon

Plan de Alimentos y Bebidas Seguras de San Diego (Updated 06/10/20)
Protocolo Operativo para Instalaciones de Comida, Restaurantes, Bares, Vinícolas y Cervecerías en San Diego (Updated 06/10/20)
Carteles de comidas seguras en San Diego

San Diego Ligtas na Onsite Pakain at Inuming Plano  (Updated 06/12/20)
Pasilidad ng Pagkain sa San Diego, Restawran, Bar, Pagawaan ng Alak, Protokol sa Pagpapatakbo ng Serbesa (Updated 06/12/20)
Karatula Para Sa Kaligtasan Sa Lugar Ng Kainan o Restawran

Kế Hoạch An Toàn Thực Phẩm Và Đồ Uống Tại Chỗ Của San Diego (Updated 06/12/20)
Cách Thức Điều Hành Dành Cho Cơ Sở Chế Biến Thực Phẩm, Nhà Hàng, Quán Rượu, Nhà Máy Rượu, Nhà Máy Bia Ở San Diego (Updated 06/12/20)
Áp phích ăn uống an toàn

COVID-19 Information and Resources in Other Languages Web Page 


Is your local farmers market currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions?  Looking for ways to support your local farms and still get your fresh produce? Here is a list of farms fulfilling orders for pick up, and some offer delivery.

California Emergency Food and Food Benefits Information.CDC - What Grocery and Food Retail Workers Need to Know about COVID-19  

Charitable Feeding Operations During COVID-19

General Disinfection Guidance - English  
Guía de Desinfección - Spanish
消毒指南 - Mandarin (Chinese)
راهنمای ضدعفونی کردن - Farsi 
دليل التطهير 
- Arabic
消毒ガイダンス - Japanese 
살균 지침 - Korean 
- Karen   

Food Facility Disinfection Guidance - English  
Guía para Establecimientos de Comida - Spanish
食品處理中心指南 - Mandarin (Chinese)
راهنمای مراکز تهیه غذا - Farsi
توجيه المنشآت الغذائية 
- Arabic  
食品施設のご案内 - Japanese 
식품 시설 지침 - Korean 

Food Safety Guidance for 3rd Party Food Delivery Service Providers

Food Safety During Transport and Deliveries 
- English
Como Proteger la Seguridad de la Comida durante Transporte / Entregas a Domicilio - Spanish
在運輸/交付過程中保護食品安全 - Mandarin (Chinese)
 پاس‌داشتِ موادِ خوراکی هنگامِ حمل و پخش - Farsi
 ماية سلامة الغذاء أثناء النقل / التسليم - Arabic
輸送/配達中の食物安全管理 - Japanese   
운송 / 배달 중 식품 안전 보호 - Korean 


 Forms and Applications


AB 1990 - Community Food Producer Registration Form: PDF
Commissary Agreement:   PDF     Out of County Agreement
Cottage Food Program Information: HERE
Cottage Food Class 
 A CFO Registration: PDF
Cottage Food Class B CFO Permit: PDF
Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning) Intake Form:  PDF
Health Permit Application: PDF
Health Permit Fees:  PDF  (Effective 07/01/20)
Fees for Additional Services: PDF  (Effective 07/01/20)
Plan Check Application:
Plan Check Fees:  PDF  (Effective 07/01/20)
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Worksheet:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Agreement Letter: County PDF / Out of County PDF
Change of Ownership Questionnaire: PDF
Public Records Request Form:
Satellite Food Service Guidance: PDF
Satellite Food Service SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Form: PDF
Temporary Food Facility Sponsor Application:
Temporary Food Facility Vendor ApplicationPDF
Temporary Food Facility Self Inspection Checklist: PDF
Veteran's Exemption Application:
Veteran's Exemption Frequently Asked Questions: PDF


 Operating Information
Guide to Opening a New Food Business in San Diego County: PDF
Retail Food Facility Operator's Guide: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Safety Manager Certification Options:
Food Handler Training Schools:
Food Handler Training Booklets: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Facility Consultations:   PDF
Food Facility Self-Inspection Checklist:   English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Food Facility Food Temperature Log: PDF
Wholesale Food Warehouse Risk Control Plan: PDF
Community Garden Guideline PDF


 Guidelines and Handouts

Allergen Information: PDF
Avoid Food Poisoning, Don't Eat From Unpermitted Food Vendors: PDF
California Department of Public Health: Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
California Clean Indoor Air Law FAQ: PDF
Cockroaches - How to Respond: PDF
Common Phrases - Let Your Fingers Do The Talking: PDF
Consumer Advisory Update: PDF
Dining Out? Safe Food is Everybody's Responsibility: PDF
Foodborne Illness Risk Factors and Interventions: PDF
Food Donations: Too Good to Waste PDF
Food Labeling Guide:  PDF
Food Safety Guide for Non-Profit Organizations that Distribute Food:  PDF
Food Safety During Transport or Deliveries: PDF

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals: PDF
Guidelines for Allowing Non-Service Dogs into Outdoor Patio Dining:
Guidelines for Determining Approved Food Sources: PDF
Guide for Food Sales and Service at Sporting Events: Eat Safe! Play Safe! 
Handwashing Poster - Clean Hands Save Lives: English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Hepatitis A Guidance for Food Facilities: English (PDF)
Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF) Vietnamese (PDF)    Arabic (PDF)    Tagalog (PDF) 
Insider's Guide to Handwashing:  English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Norovirus Infection Prevention & Control:  PDF
Plastic Straws and Children's Meals: PDF
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments: Website
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments Flyer: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)
Pollution Prevention at Events: PDF
Rapid Cooling: PDF  
Rapid Cooling Log: PDF
Reusable Bags: PDF
Satellite Food Service Guidance: PDF
Satellite Food Service SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Form: PDF

School Share Tables: PDF
Sewage Back-up / Spills - How to Respond: PDF  
Shellfish Warning Signs:  PDF
Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC):  PDF
Trans-Fat Fact Sheet:  PDF
Warewashing Guidance: PDF 
Water Conservation Tips for Food Facilities:  PDF
Wiping Cloths:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)



 Food Safety

Food Defense & Security:  PDF
Food Safety During a Power Outage: VIDEO
Food Safety in the Event of a Power Outage: PDF
Food Security Self-Assessment (US Department of Agriculture):  PDF
Safe Cheese:  HHSA English (PDF)  HHSA Spanish (PDF)  
Safe Handling of Eggs:  PDF
Safe Handling of Raw Produce & Juices (FDA):  PDF


 HACCP Guidance
HACCP Principles (FDA):  PDF
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Flow Chart: PDF
HACCP Checklist (Local - DEH FHD Review): PDF
HACCP Checklist (State Review): PDF
Specialized Process Questionnaire Form: PDF
Specialized Process Application Form: PDF


 Plan Check

Non-Pool Plan Check Application: PDF
Pool Plan Check Application: PDF
Plan Check Fees: PDF
Plan Check Review Reference Guidelines - Does your facility require Plan Check Review? PDF
Guide to Opening a New Food Business: PDF
Plan Check Consultation Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Review Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Checklist: PDF
California Clean Indoor Air Law FAQ: PDF
Catering - Host Facility Requirements: PDF
Catering - Host Facility Plan Check submittal Guidance and Checklist: PDF
Catering - Host Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Construction & Operational Guide for Mobile Food Facilities and Mobile Support Units: PDF
Retail Market Conversions For Fresh Produce: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operational Procedures: PDF
Multiple Kitchen Complex Plan Check Review Guide: PDF
Acceptable Floor Materials: PDF
Grease Trap Policy: PDF
Buffet service guidelines: PDF
Mechanical ventilation exemption guide: PDF
Water heater sizing guidelines: PDF
Open-air BBQ guidelines: PDF


 Mobile Food Facilities

Mobile Food Presentation for Industry:  PDF
Presentación para la Industria de Unidades de Comida Móvil:  en Español
Directions to County Operation Center: PDF
Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Operator's Guide: PDF
Manual del Operador: en Español
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Guidelines: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Agreement Letter: County PDF / Out of County PDF
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Worksheet: PDF 


 Catering Operations

Catering Ordinance Clean Version: PDF 
County News Center: Article
Catering Pilot Study Findings and Recommendations: PDF
Commissary Letter of Agreement Form: PDF
Food Options at Breweries and Urban Wineries: PDF
Food Options at Unincorporated Wineries: PDF
Host Facility Requirements: PDF
Host Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Plan Check Application: PDF
Host Facility Plan Submittal Guidance and Checklist: PDF
Catering - Standard Operating Procedures Worksheet: PDF



 Cottage Food Operations

California Department of Public Health:  Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
Cottage Food Law:  California Health & Safety Code §114365-§114365.6
Class A CFO Registration Packet: PDF
Class B CFO Registration Packet: PDF
California Cottage Food FAQs:  English   Spanish
Ley de Alimentos Caseros - Preguntas Frecuentes:  en Español
Zoning Requirements:  Permit/License Requirements from your City of Residence
Training Options:  State Food Processor Course or San Diego County Approved Courses
San Diego Cottage Food Label Requirements:  PDF 
Label Requirements for Allergens:  PDF
Do You Qualify as a Cottage Food Operation?  Flow Chart Screening PDF
San Diego Cottage Food Potable Water Requirements:  PDF


 Community Gardens

Community Garden Guideline:  PDF
Community Garden FAQ: PDF
Guidelines for the Use of Alternate Water Supplies to Irrigate Gardens: PDF
Composting Tips for School or Community Gardens: PDF


 Disaster Preparedness

Boil Water Order Information:  PDF
Water Outage Guidelines: PDF
Emergency/Disaster Procedures for Food Facilities:  PDF
Emergency Shelter & Mass Feeding Center Guidelines:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Damaged Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Disposal of Spoiled Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Procedures for Operators:  PDF
Fire Recovery - What to do after a Wildfire:  PDF
How to Keep your Food Safe during a Power Outage:  Video   PDF
Influenza (Flu) Illnesses Guidelines for Food Operations:  PDF


 Consumer Resources

Emergency Food Supply:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Emergency Sewage Disposal:  PDF
Fight Bac!:  PDF
Food Safety at Youth Sporting Events:  PDF
Guide for Packing a Safe School Lunch:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Purifying Water:  PDF


 Rules and Regulations

New Regulation Updates effective January 1, 2020: California Retail Food Code (CRFC) legislative changes and associated sections.

California Retail Food Code (CalCode):   PDF
California Sherman Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law:   PDF
San Diego County Wholesale Food Warehouse Ordinance: PDF
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals:
CDPH FAQs – Industrial Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) in Food Products PDF



Food & Housing Programs
Forms & Applications  Food Complaints
Body Art Housing Swimming Pools