Temporary Food Events


Please take some time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions and remember to Avoid Food Poisoning, Don’t Eat From Unpermitted Vendors!   

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  • Event Permitting Guidance

    Temporary Event Food permits are required whenever food or beverages are sold or given away to the public. Examples of where food or beverages can be sold at a temporary food event include farmers markets, street fairs, festivals, musical and artistic presentations, sporting events, ethnic celebrations, and trade shows. Temporary Event Food permits for food/beverage sales are not  Community Event  permits. Community Events that have food or beverage sales may require both a Community Event Permit, for the event and a Temporary Event Organizer permit for the food/beverage sales.

    If you are organizing a Community Event that take places in  Unincorporated County of San Diego, please visit sdcountyCEP.org. Events that take place in  Incorporated County of San Diego, please contact your local city special event unit. All food/beverage sales or distribution during a Community Event will require a Temporary Event Food Permit.

    All food and beverage vendors, including existing restaurants, are required by law to obtain a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permit prior to participating in a temporary event. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event start date. Please note that applications received less than 14 days prior to an event start date or updated/modified within 14 days of the event are subject to an additional late application submittal fee. This includes changes or modifications to the application (including correcting incomplete applications, or changes to menu, participating vendors, warewashing facilities, etc.).


  • Application Resources

    The California Retail Food Code (CalCode) Chapters 10 (Mobile Food Facilities), 10.5 (Nonprofit Charitable Temporary Food Facilities), 11 (Temporary Food Facilities),11.5 (Cottage Food Operations), 12 (Certified Farmers Markets), and 12.7 (Fishermens’ Markets) provide the requirements for Temporary Events.

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How To Submit Forms:


5500 Overland Avenue Suite #170
San Diego, CA 92123
(8AM-12PM / 1PM-4PM)
Counters are closed 12PM-1PM


P.O. Box 129261
San Diego, CA 92112-9261
ATTN: FHD Temporary Events
(Allow 1 week extra to route through County mail)

Certified Farmers’ Markets

Certified Farmers’ Markets and Temporary Events presentation

Agriculture, Weights and Measures (AWM) has created a Self-Inspection Checklist for operators at Certified Farmers' Markets. More information can be found on the AWM's Resource page.


  (858) 505-6809