NEW! San Diego County Burned Vehicle Removal Program

Code Compliance is committed to helping the communities of the County of San Diego during disaster recovery efforts by offering free removal of burned or destroyed vehicles through our vehicle abatement program. For this program, vehicles may include automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles and trailer coaches, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, boats, flat bed and utility trailers, golf carts, and farm equipment.  

If you would like to request a removal of burned vehicles, please contact Code Compliance at (858) 694-2705 or via email at or PDS.CodeCompliance@sdcounty.ca.gov.


NEW! You can now schedule an appointment online to meet with Code Compliance staff for the following appointment types:

  • Field Initiated Complaint (FICO) stamps
  • Follow up with Code Compliance staff regarding a specific case
  • General questions

The Code Compliance team provides services to residents in the unincorporated communities of San Diego County which ensure safe, sustainable communities and preservation of our natural resources. We respond to requests from residents to investigate concerns and educate the public about County Codes in order to gain voluntary compliance.

NEW! The Project Issue Resolution (PIR) Conference is back! 

After listening to feedback from our customers and applicants, the County is providing opportunities to meet with our Executive Management team. A Project Issue Resolution Conference is a meeting that includes an applicant/property owner, our Executive Management team, and County staff to discuss issues and identify solutions that were not able to be resolved with a Code Compliance Officer due to interpretations of a code or other unique circumstances related to a project. Please Click Here for more information.

Code Compliance investigates the following:

  • Storage of solid waste
  • Abandoned, inoperable and junk vehicles on private properties
  • Construction without building permits
  • Grading without a permit
  • Clearing brush and vegetation without a permit
  • Businesses not allowed to be operated out of a residence
  • Storage of commercial vehicles on residential properties
  • Too many animals
  • Animals being kept in pens too close to a property line
  • Noise
  • Graffiti
  • People living in trailers and RV’s
  • Prohibited signs

Code Compliance does not investigate the following; however, contact information is provided for your convenience:

  • Civil issues between neighbors such as boundary line disputes, trees or other vegetation hanging over property lines, or private road easements.
  • Conditions and requirements found in private CC&R agreements
  • Lack of general private property maintenance such as lawns in need of mowing, trees/shrubs trimming and, buildings and fencing in need of paint.