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The Roads Section is responsible for nearly 2,000 miles of County roads – enough to drive from San Diego across the country to Pensacola, Florida. 

Maintaining this extensive roadway system is more than just filling potholes and installing road signs. County road crews grind out and resurface entire sections of worn out and damaged road way. They help maintain our bridges, repair damaged guardrails, traffic lights and streetlights, paint the roadway striping, legends and crosswalks, and plow the mountain roads during and after the winter storms. They also maintain the right-of-way, making sure vegetation doesn’t obstruct your view when pulling out onto the road. They clean out storm drains and channels, replace worn out and rusted under-the-roadway culverts, and even put out the signs to warn you when a roadway is flooded and not safe to cross.  They even help close off the street when you plan that special event in your community.

It’s all to keep our roads safe and passable – so we can all “Live Well.”


Building Better Roads

Road Service Request Report road-related issues such as potholes, cracks, damaged or missing signs, trash, graffiti and more

Road Condition Update – Due to Major Storm Event

DPW Facebook and DPWTwitter  Updates on temporary road closures

Scheduled Road Closures and Traffic Controls  Temporary new roadway construction, repairs such as resurfacing, or even the movement of heavy equipment

Tree Trimming  Tree in the right-of-way? In power lines? Whose responsibility is it?

Vegetation Management Program Information on the County's Roadside Vegetation Management Program

Roads Phone Numbers  How to reach us, day or night

Road Maintenance  Information on how roads are maintained, service programs, and how you can help

Road Stations Map  See where the Road Stations are located

Field Engineering  Support for our County Road Station staff and more

Road Funding  How we pay for roads from federal, state and local sources – and where those dollars go

Adopt-a-Road Program  You can help keep our county highways clean
Cleanup and Sanitation Program  Homeless Encampment Roads and Drainage Cleanup 


Prop 1B  Roadway funding info

Public Road Standards  Design standards for public roads

Field Engineering Support for road maintenance

County Maintained Roads  Complete list of roads maintained by the County


Traffic Engineering  Signs, Signals, Striping, Special Events, Traffic Advisory Committee, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Road Improvement Projects  DPW Top Capital Improvements Page

Flood Control  For flooding issues outside the public right-of-way


Remember, this is all just for the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

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