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April Heinze, General Manager


The Community Services Group is a division of the Chief Administrative Office.  Community Services, or CSG, is comprised of five departments:

Through these departments, CSG provides a wide variety of public services to San Diego County residents as well as support to other County departments.

Animal Services protects the public from dangerous animals, protects animals from abuse and neglect, and saves the lives of thousands of unwanted, abandoned or lost pets each year.  If you want to adopt a pet or find a lost one we operate two shelters, located in Bonita and Carlsbad.

The County Library system provides services at 33 branches and 2 mobile libraries.  Library services include providing information in print, non-print and online formats for lifelong learning.  The County Library system was nationally recognized in 2012 as Library of the Year.

If you have ever entered a County building or seen a County vehicle, those are operated and maintained by the Department of General Services (DGS).  DGS ensures that County departments have the necessary workspaces, services and vehicles to accomplish their business objectives.

If you have ever provided services to a County department, chances are you interacted with the Department of Purchasing and Contracting (DPC).  DPC purchases all goods, materials and services for County departments so they can accomplish their business objectives.  DPC ensures the competitive process is utilized for best price and highest quality.

Have you voted?  If you have, then you've seen the Registrar of Voters (ROV) hard at work.  ROV is entrusted with providing the means for all eligible citizens of San Diego County to exercise their right to actively participate in the democratic process.  The department works to ensure widespread, ongoing opportunities to register to vote in fair and accurate elections for all federal, State and local offices and measures.

For Community Services departments, its not just about what we do, for us it's about being responsive to our customers - the public, client cities, and County departments.  We emphasize customer satisfaction, quality and value.

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