San Diego County Grand Jury Members


Name Dist. Location Occupation
Brown, Ken 5 Carlsbad Retired-Research Chemist
Caroccia, Deborah 2 Spring Valley Elementary Reading Mentor
Castro, Richard 4 San Diego Retired-U.S. Postal Service
DePhilipps, Lillian 1 Coronado Retired-Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Devan, Gary 3 San Diego Retired-Chief Information Officer
Hall, Christinna 5 Carlsbad Retired Educator
Haythe, John H. M. 1 San Diego Retired Merchandising Consultant
Hoech, Cheryl 2 La Mesa Caterer
Jacoby, John 2 La Mesa Retired Attorney at Law
Kruszona, Raymond 3 San Diego Retired Facilities Manager
Levine, Barry 2 La Mesa Retired-U.S. Army, Technical Consulting Firm
Lind, Bradley 3 Encinitas Retired Program Manager
Mattson, Chris 4 San Diego Retired Continuing Medical Education Rep
McPherson, Ann 1 San Diego Retired Career Transition Specialist
Newlands, 111, Edward 5 Carlsbad Retired-Director of Supply Chain
Robison, Jenifer 3 Escondido Retired-Policy Analyst
Garcia, Vicki 2 Spring Valley Marketing Consultant
Shames, Michael 4 San Diego Director-San Diego Consumers' Action Network
Wolfing, Nancy 2 San Diego Real Estate Broker


Foreperson: Edward Newlands, III

Edward Newlands, III, a former medical technology company director, has accepted the task of guiding this year's San Diego County Grand Jury.

"I have always valued and wanted to work in civic/public service which is why I earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration. In addition, being retired, I feel an extra responsibility to do something to give back to the community from which I have derived so many benefits," says Newlands.

Newlands, along with eight women and 10 men will investigate citizen complaints and serve as a resident "watchdog" over government agencies. The Grand Jury will additionally make recommendations to improve government operations.

"California is only one of two states that provides for a civil investigative County Grand Jury. We are fortunate that California provides this mechanism to ensure the citizens have the ability to inquire into and investigate local-government activities. This process helps in keeping these government entities efficient, effective and ethical. It is a great privilege to serve"' says Newlands.