San Diego County Grand Jury Members


Name Dist. Location Occupation
Brown, Ken 5 Carlsbad Retired-Research Chemist
Bryson, Jeff 1 San Diego Retired-Professor, SDSU
Caroccia, Deborah 2 Spring Valley Retired-Facility Tech, ATT
Elhard, Gary 3 San Diego Retired-Retail Management
Rechou, Ziba 4 San Diego Former Employee San Diego County
Gilliam, Beverly 1 San Diego Retired-Probation Administrator
Haug, Shain 2 San Diego Retired-Administrative Law Judge
Levine, Barry 2 La Mesa Retired-U.S. Army, Technical Consulting Firm
Martin, Elwyn 2 Poway Retired-District Credit Manager
Cannon, James 3 San Diego Retired-US Naval Officer
McInnis, Donald 4 San Diego Retired-Attorney at Law
Newlands III, Edward 5 Carlsbad Retired-Director of Supply Chain
Nicholls, Harold 5 Oceanside Retired-Dept. of Homeland Security/ICE
Paa, David 3 Del Mar Retired-Physician, Child Neurologist
Paynter, Elizabeth 5 Carlsbad Retired-Educator
Robison, Jenifer 3 Escondido Retired-Policy Analyst
Rodebaugh, Dale 4 San Diego Retired-Newspaper Reporter
Rolfe, Linda 1 Chula Vista Retired-CVESD and AT&T
Sandstrom, Randall 4 San Diego Retired-District Account Manager


Foreperson: Jeff Bryson

Longtime San Diego resident, Jeff Bryson, has been selected to serve as chairperson of the 2017/2018 San Diego County Grand Jury. Bryson, 74, and eighteen other Grand Jurors officially began their Grand Jury service on Monday, July 10, 2017.

The retired San Diego State University psychology professor has lived in the county 48 years and says that is one of the reasons he applied for the Grand Jury, “I thought that, after enjoying the many benefits of living here for so many years, I should do something to benefit the community in return. The Grand Jury is an institution dedicated to keeping San Diego an efficient, effective, progressive community, a voice for citizens to be heard by the large, sometimes impersonal agencies that keep the county moving. I applied for the position of Foreperson because I thought that my experiences and training would be useful in overseeing the operations of the jury. The Grand Jury hopes to conduct investigations and develop recommendations that can improve the functioning of our county and make it a better place for all of us.”

Bryson hopes others will follow the examples of those who applied this year for the Grand Jury by applying for future spots on the panel, “To anyone contemplating service on the Grand Jury, I would say that it is a demanding but important and fulfilling job and a great way to play a role in keeping San Diego great.”