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Death Penalty New s

There's growing evidence that Texas executed an innocent man in 2004. -  Link to Full Article - Texas Justice 9-1-2009


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Trials, the Means to a Just End - Full Article - Means to a Just End

The U.S. Supreme Court affirms a ruling in a drunk driving case that the police must see a suspicious act before stopping a vehicle after they have received a “tip”- Full Article - US Supreme Court Upholds Ban

Does life without parole for minors who didn't kill constitute cruel and unusual punishment? -   Link to Full Article - Supreme Court to Consider 9-28-2009

DNA results cast doubt on sex assault case
The suspect, who had been in jail since April based on the victim's identification, was released after preliminary tests indicated that DNA found on the victim is from another man. - Link to full article - DNA Results Cast Doubt 9-25-2009

Expert to court: Eyewitness IDs easily influenced - One of the country's leading experts on police lineups says New Jersey's guidelines on eyewitness identifications of suspects are "pretty good." But authorities can do better, said Iowa State psychology professor Gary Wells. - Link to full article - Expert to Court

Revised jury instructions: Do not use the Internet Researching, discussing of cases ‘huge problem’- Type the name “Jennifer Strange” into your favorite search engine and see how many hits come up.Or try the terms “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” or “water intoxication” and look at the tallies. -  Link to full article - Revised Jury Instructions

On paper at least, the U. S. Constitution’s “due process of law” clause is the citizen’s guarantee against wrongful conviction and imprisonment. -  Link to full article - Wrongful Conviction 9-11-2009

A new audit says that the state's prison inmate population fell 1 percent in the past three years – and prison costs jumped 32 percent.Link to full article - Corrections Costs 9-10-2009

One in five service members who have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression, but little more than half of them have sought mental health treatment, according to an independent study of United States troops. -  News Article-Full Story (4-18-08)  

The New York Times found 121 cases in which veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan committed a killing in this country, or were charged with one, after their return from war. -  News Article-Full Story (1-13-08)