Multiple Conflicts Office - Major Cases


In 2005, the Multiple Conflicts Office - Major Cases (MCO) was created to represent people who are charged with only the most complicated and serious homicide and special circumstances cases throughout San Diego County and who are financially unable to retain private counsel.   Our office accepts court appointments that the Public Defender and the Alternate Public Defender are unable to accept due to a conflict of interest or other order of the court.  The MCO is an independent and ethically separate division of the Department of the Public Defender and our attorneys do not share information or otherwise interact with attorneys from the Public Defender or the Alternate Public Defender on the same case.  All obligations to protect the confidences of the client and zealously represent his or her interests are scrupulously maintained and respected. Each MCO attorney possesses many years of experience and training and has proven both their trial and negotiation skills in the most serious types of criminal cases, including capital case litigation. The office also incorporates a unit of skilled and experienced investigators, and mitigation specialists, who partner with MCO attorneys for an effective and proven team approach.

Welcome to the web site for the Multiple Conflicts Office - Major Cases.  I hope you'll find this information helpful.  Our promise is to always strive to provide excellence and professionalism in all that we do for the County of San Diego and the clients we serve.

Richard Gates, Chief Deputy


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