Welcome to the San Diego County Alternate Public Defender web site. The office of the Alternate Public Defender was established in 1990. The Alternate Public Defender’s Office currently has a staff of over 50 Deputy Alternate Public Defenders, Investigators, Support Staff and Volunteers. The mission of the Alternate Public Defender is to ensure that the right to competent and effective defense counsel is a reality for the indigent in San Diego County by always seeking the best ethical and legal outcomes possible through skilled and vigorous representation.

The Office of the Alternate Public Defender is comprised of two divisions. The Adult Criminal Division represents indigent persons accused of a crime. The Juvenile Delinquency Division represents minors accused of truancy or criminal offenses.

I hope this web site will contribute to an understanding of how this office and the criminal justice system functions. Included are links to other web sites and e-mail addresses of other members of the criminal justice community which will afford you easy access to needed information.

I welcome the opportunity to provide superior legal representation to the residents of this county.  Thank you for your interest in this office and its' mission. Feel free to contact me or my staff should you need further information or assistance.  



Megan Marcotte

Chief Deputy Alternate Public Defender
County of San Diego