The County of San Diego Claims and Investigation Division accepts claims by email, U.S. mail, and in-person.

Please complete and sign Claim Form CD-1 and email it with supporting documentation to:

The Claims and Investigation Division administers the County’s self-insured program for public liability. A claim against the County must be made in writing. Claims filed against the County must be completed in accordance with the California Government Code, sections 900-915.4. No claim form is required; however, the County does provide claim forms for the convenience of the general public. A claim form may be obtained by contacting the address or telephone number listed below. The claim form must be accurately completed and signed.  You may print, sign and mail, or personally present to the address below. FACSIMILE FILINGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Office of County Counsel
Claims and Investigation Division
1600 Pacific Highway, Room 355
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 531-4899

Allow 45 days to process and investigate your claim. You can expedite the investigative process if you provide written justification for the amount of loss indicated. Property damage claims require an estimate and photographs of the damage. Personal injury claims need to be accompanied by unaltered copies of bills from treating physician(s) or other expenses incurred.

Any request for information by the Claims and Investigation Division is not a commitment to pay your claim or an admission of liability. All information submitted will be evaluated together with the results of the investigation.

The evaluation of your claim may result in one of the following actions:

  • A settlement offer, if all of the information has been submitted; or
  • A formal denial – If a formal denial letter is sent, this means the investigation has determined that the County is not liable and will not pay any money in response to the claim. A lawsuit may then be filed within the time allowed by law; or
  • No formal denial – The claiming party may file an action within the time allowed by law.