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Required Worksite Posters

Download required worksite posters, see the list of what you need to post.

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Register for Training

Seminars around the state or brought to your business to help you stay in compliance with the law.

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Masks, face shields, and face coverings

Find out more information on what the current status surrounding COVID-19 mandates and whether face coverings, masks, shields, and other required protective barriers are needed and required.

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Labor contractor licenses

Construction Labor Contractors, Farm Forest Labor Contractors, Janitorial Services Contractors

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Prevailing Wage

Find prevailing wage rates for your project, locate necessary forms, documents, and other information.

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Sexual Harassment Policies & Protections

You have a role as an employer to prevent and address sexual harassment at work.

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Additional Employment Law Information

Regularly updated, clear language guidance about implementing San Diego County's laws that affect the workplace.

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Learn about California Family Leave Laws

Find out more information about San Diego County Family Leave policies.