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Commercial Food Service

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How to Use Online Commercial Food Delivery Services

Do you want to have your favorite food delivered to your home, but are not sure how? Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Postmates are meal delivery services that work with participating local restaurants. Each company provides a similar service, but may work with different restaurants, have different service areas, or have different delivery fees. You access the services through an app on your smart phone, or through the company’s website.

Watch the videos below to familiarize yourself with how to use each of these meal delivery platforms. You’ll learn how to browse local restaurants, including fast food establishments, place your order within the app, charge to your credit card, and track your delivery in real-time.


Uber Eats |

Door Dash |


Postmates |



Commercial Food Services

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Guide to Transportation Services

The Age Well San Diego Transportation Team created the Ride Well to Age Well Guide as a way to catalog transportation options throughout San Diego County. The guide explains how to download and use mobile applications such as Lyft, and provides a glossary of common transportation terms.

Transportation options included in the guide:

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