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Scam Prevention

San Diego County District Attorney

Stay informed on scams circulating in San Diego County. Checkout the Don’t Get Hooked Toolkit and other resources that cover steps older adults can take to prevent and report scams.


Oasis Connections

Go through the Oasis Connections Guide to Online Safety and learn how avoid dangerous links, safely browse online, and more.   


Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Read FTC’s most-up-to date information on consumer coronavirus scams, and learn how to avoid and report scams.


Federal Drug Administration

Health fraud scams can be found everywhere making claims to be a cure or a quick fix for health issues. Learn more about health fraud scams and how to avoid them.  


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP)

CFPB offers educational tips and resources on how to protect yourself and others from financial scams. Visit the CFPB fraud and scams webpage to learn more. 



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