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Linkages Program

The Linkages program works with the client to find and coordinate services in the home. Linkages staff develop a care plan with the client and any significant others to help the client remain safe and as independent as possible. One goal is to prevent hospitalization or long-term, out-of-home placement.

Who We Serve

Linkages serves clients who are "at risk" for needing placement outside their home. Many clients have difficulties taking care of several of their needs.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Care planning with the client and family
  • Management of services
  • Coordination of care with other community agencies
  • Advocacy
  • Ongoing monitoring

To Qualify 

  • Age 18 or older
  • May or may not be Medi-Cal eligible
  • At risk of placement
  • Eligibility to other case management programs must be explored before screening for Linkages

Alternatives to Linkages: Professionals in our Call Center 800-339-4661 will evaluate for other possible case management programs if clients are not appropriate for the Linkages program. Referrals might be made to private case management services.

What is the fee?

Clients who can afford to pay are requested to contribute to the cost of the case management; however, no eligible person is turned away solely from inability or unwillingness to pay.


Please note that the Linkages program has a waitlist, and it can take several months for a referral to be assigned to a care manager.


For more information about the Linkages program, call 800-339-4661 or send us an email.