ATI Structure and Advisory Group

ATI structure graphic

The Alternatives to Incarceration Advisory Group is a group of public health, justice, and community partners who advise County leadership on programs to help reduce the number of people in jail. Group members meet regularly to guide the County’s investment in justice system prevention, diversion, and reentry programs and services. Advisory Group members meet to consider data, best practices, and convene community listening sessions to receive public input on the project.

The nine Alternatives to Incarceration Advisory Group members represent diverse community perspectives. They are service providers, equity and justice-reform advocates, victim services advocates, and people who have spent time in the justice system. 

The following individuals currently serve on the ATI Advisory Group as community representatives:

  • Charlene Autolino - Charlene Autolino is the Chair of the San Diego Reentry Roundtable Executive Committee, where she has served in leadership for 17 years. She also serves on the Prop 47 Local Advisory Committee, Volunteer Advisory Committee for Donovan State Prison, and Advisory Committee for the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. 
  • Amanda Brown - Amanda Brown is a consultant for justice-involved individuals and gang members and leverages her connections to promote the success of credible messengers. She teaches advocacy and supports various programs locally and nationally, and is currently involved in the No Shots Fired Project, Youth Empowerment, and various webinars with Armand King. Additionally, she served on the Advisory Board for the Gun Violence Reduction Community Needs Assessment.
  • Theodore Dizon - Theodore Dizon is a graduate of Drug Court and the SMART program, and currently serves as a community representative on the Prop 47 Local Advisory Committee. He works with justice-involved clients in residential treatment settings as an SUD counselor at Pathfinders of San Diego. 
  • Mathew Edwards - Mathew Edwards has over 24 years of lived experience in juvenile hall, youth authority, and prison. He transformed his life through self-help groups, trauma-informed care healing circles, and education. He is attending SDSU as a member of Project Rebound and is passionate about public speaking, group facilitation, healing circles, networking, helping justice-involved, and giving back. He works with justice-involved individuals as a Substance Abuse Counselor and holds leadership positions with two non-profits: Homework and Garden 31. 
  • Darwin Fishman - Darwin Fishman, Ph.D. previously served as a member of SANDAG’s ATI Advisory Group, where he contributed to the development of SANDAG’s Final Report and spoke in favor of the initiative before the Board of Supervisors in 2023. He is currently working as a Lecturer in the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies at Chico State University and has worked as a Lecturer in Sociology and Africana Studies at San Diego State University.  Dr. Fishman also served on the Community Review Board for the City of San Diego and on the Juvenile Justice Commission for the County. Dr. Fishman is also the Co-Founder the Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego and Alafia, Diversity, and Equity LLC.
  • Cheri Hampton - Cheri Hampton is the Executive Director of Issa Vibe Organization, which aims to provide supportive services and expand quality of life for families, children, and underserved communities. She has expanded child support and housing services for needy families, assists with sealing and expunging records, and advocates for families who have lost loved ones to violence or who feel their loved ones have been wrongly incarcerated.
  • Tiffany Kim - Tiffany Kim was previously incarcerated and struggled to access needed resources, and seeks to use her experience to help the County address gaps in access that incarcerated people frequently face. She recently completed a rehabilitation program and is participating in the Rising Scholars program at Palomar College.
  • Christie Sifferman - Christie Sifferman has been working at Palomar College for over 10 years, and currently supports programs in the Workforce, Community, and Continuing Education Department, including the Rising Scholars Program, which serves justice-involved students. She provides administrative support to Rising Scholars, has attended trainings to learn how to better support participants, and works one-on-one with students to ensure their academic success.
  • Jason Shanley - Jason Shanley is a Captain who has been serving on the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department for more than 23 years. His duties include a focus on recruiting women and people of color to serve as firefighters. Along with his career, he is a criminal justice reform and social justice advocate. He founded Building Justice, a reentry program focused on reducing recidivism and preparing community members for careers in union construction trades. 

Representatives from local public agencies also contribute to the work of the ATI Advisory Group. The following government agencies have staff representation on the Advisory Group:

  • Public Safety Group Executive Office
  • San Diego County Sheriff's Department
  • San Diego County Probation Department
  • San Diego County Public Defender's Office
  • San Diego County District Attorney's Office
  • Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) Executive Office
  • HHSA Medical Care Services
  • HHSA Dept. of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities
  • HHSA Behavioral Health Services
  • San Diego County Office of Equity and Racial Justice
  • San Diego County Office of Evaluation, Performance, and Analytics
  • San Diego County Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement
  • San Diego City Attorney's Office
  • San Diego Police Department