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Frequently Asked Questions

Every extra payment you make lowers your principal balance and helps you pay off your past due amount much faster. Over time, you are saving on interest.

For example:

  • If you owe $3,000 and pay $50/month only, you'll pay off the $3,000 in 76 months.
  • If you pay $25 more each month, you'll pay off the $3,000 in 47 months – 29 months sooner.

Take a look and see how every “extra” dollar you pay saves you money!

Paying off child support balance faster

This calculation represents an ESTIMATE ONLY for paying off past due child support in California. Do not use for any other purpose.

Child Support Arrears Payoff Calculator

For a more accurate calculation of your payoff, click the calculator or the link below: 

California Child Support Arrears Payoff Calculator

Receiving Child Support Payments



Customer Connect
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  • The other parent has the whole month to pay.
  • You may receive multiple amounts for the month based on the other parent's pay schedule.
  • We will not take more than 50% of the other parent's income.
  • The SDU distributes payments within 24 hours of receipt.


FAQs - Receiving Payments