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Customer Testimonials

5-star rating

"The help you can receive is great!"

"These folks are as helpful as they can be within the order of the law.

Free legal help is offered. If you have trouble with any forms, you can come in, and they will help. They can not advise, but they will clarify and simplify. Translation services offered.

They take a lot of abuse and still keep you informed of any issues you need to deal with, and they will direct you to the right form for your intentions with a case.

Compared to Montana, the help you can receive is great. Men in Montana receive zero help. Mothers are granted a representative while men are left to figure out everything, and if you do it wrong, well, the jails still have cells outside. BTW, it gets to -30F in the winter. You do get to come inside at night though....the floor is just as cold." -- Blight


5-star rating

"What a nice and helpful group of people!"

"Walking up for the first time i was trembling!!! Walking out I said to myself, "Huh, what a nice and helpful group of people there." -- Brian


4-star rating

"I am satisfied with the service."  

I feel compelled to write a review because to date my experience does not match that listed from the other 125 reviews. I am dealing with a case being transferred from NJ.

I called to find out what the process was, and the person communicated how to do that online so I would not waste my time coming into the office. They also let me know it would be 20 days because they were backlogged. On day 20, an intake person reached out to me via text (the method of communication I indicated I preferred) and we arranged a phone call that day. They were very courteous and they told me what paperwork they needed. I dropped it off the next business day (Monday). On that Friday, I received paperwork in the mail with my case number, and request for some additional documentation, which I completed and mailed back in. The following week I received more paperwork with the online login to the Customer Connect Child Support site. I have the phone number for my case worker.

We are still in the process of establishing our case, but things are moving along at a reasonable pace. I do not see a significant difference in the demeanor of the people I have interacted with here vs NJ. I will provide an update on how things progress but so far, I am satisfied with the service. -- Christine



5-star rating

National City Office

"The people here are always very helpful."

"All of the staff has gone above and beyond to work with us. Both my ex and myself have never had a problem. They're great at remaining objective to cases and not taking a side and they always have honest answers to our questions." - Charlotte

"Cindy was extremely helpful getting me my documents during these times. Thanks for updating my info as well." - Kevin

"Excellent service, the staff did an amazing job processing my request to all parties in a timely manner. Very satisfied with this location and its services." -- Yesenia