Changing a Child Support Order


A change to a court order is called a modification. Either parent can ask a case manager to review the child support order any time there is a change in circumstances.

A change in circumstances may include:

  • Change in income of either party.
  • Changes in the amount of time the child spends with each parent or there is a change in custody.
  • Incarceration of a noncustodial parent.

The DCSS will send paperwork to both parties to verify information on income, health insurance, and custody. Once the department receives the completed packet, a case manager will review and determine if your order qualifies for a modification.

To qualify, the ordered amount must change by $50 or 20%. To run a calculation, click here.

If both parties agree to the new amount, DCSS will prepare an agreement called a stipulation. Once it is signed and filed with the court, it will become the new court order. There will be no need to appear in court.

If either parent disagrees with the new amount, a court hearing will be set.