Child Support Forms

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Do you want to open a case with the State Department of Child Support Services? Apply Now
Would you like DCSS to contact you about establishing a child support case? Referral to Open a Child Support Case
Is the father of your child(ren) unknown to you? Attestation Statement
Did you receive a summons and complaint in the mail? Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt
Do you disagree with paternity, the amount of child support requested, or the health insurance requirement? Answer to Complaint or Supplemental Complaint
Do you already have a verbal visitation agreement that you would like to make an order? Parenting Time Order Options Worksheet



Is your child still in high school full time? Emancipation Letter and Full Time Student Verification Forms
Do you have updated information regarding the non-custodial parent? Information Request to Custodial Party
Do you need to remove a hold on your property? Information about Lien Recordings and Clearance Request Form
Do you want to close your child support case? Request for Closure of your Child Support Case



Is your account balance incorrect? Account Balance Dispute Form
Do you already have a court order and need enforcement of past due support? Declaration of Support Payment History




Do you need to submit your financial information?


Income and Expense Declaration

Income and Expense Declaration Instructions

*Do you need more help filling out this form? Income and Expense Declaration Guide and File
Do you need to provide proof of your disabled status? Proof of Disability
Do you need help finding a job? Job Seeker Assistance Program