Contact Us

For inquiries regarding public assistance (CalWORKs, Cash Assistance for Immigrants (CAPI), County Medical services, CalFresh, General Relief, etc), please contact the ACCESS Customer Service Center.

The Health and Human Services Agency has more than 300 programs and services, with over 6,000 employees. In order to help you reach someone at the office you are trying to contact, we have included a phone number and/or e-mail address for each service offered by the Agency; this contact information appears at the top of each service page, in the very first paragraph of text.

If you are looking to receive a response from your phone call or e-mail, please be sure to include your name, and a way to contact you (phone number, e-mail address or street address), and we will make every effort to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

If you prefer to write a letter, you can address your questions or concerns to:

Health and Human Services Agency
County of San Diego
1600 Pacific Highway, Room 206
San Diego, CA 92101

Someone from that office will attempt to forward your letter to the appropriate service you are seeking.

To contact the County of San Diego for non-HHSA related information, go here, or call the County General Information Line at (858) 694-3900, 8 am - 5 pm weekdays, Monday through Friday.