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Meals & Senior Dining

Proper nutrition is essential to health and wellbeing. Aging & Independence Services and community partners are working closely to ensure that older adults have their nutrition needs met during this difficult time. See below to learn more about senior nutrition services in the county. 

General Food Information

Older adults are encouraged to access food through commercial sources, if they have the means to do so. Many stores and companies are providing delivery services. A list of commercial providers can be found here.

For additional food resources, visit or dial 211 on your phone. 

Meals & Senior Dining Centers

The County's Aging & Independence Services (AIS) department (with funding from the Older Americans Act) contracts with several nutrition centers to provide hot, nutritious lunches during the week, for adults age 60 and older. The program integrates nutritional standards into their meals, available Monday through Friday for lunch, and breakfast at select locations. In addition to promoting better nutrition, these dining centers reduce isolation for many older adults who may live alone. Some programs offer transportation to and from their dining site. Refer to the County of San Diego Senior Nutrition Centers list to find a senior dining center near you.

If you are age 60 or older and homebound, you may qualify for Home-Delivered Meals program below.

Home-Delivered Meals

Adults 60 and older who are homebound due to illness or disability can ask to have meals delivered to them if they are registered with a County of San Diego nutrition provider that offers this service.

Once a request for a home-delivered meal is made, a representative from the nutrition program will visit the older adult to assess the need. If appropriate for the program, a hot meal is delivered each weekday and frozen meals are provided for the weekends. Meals are made to accommodate the physical needs of the senior. Follow up assessments are required on a quarterly basis to ensure the senior still qualifies for the program. The cost for each meal is a voluntary donation.

Not all cities are covered by the County’s nutrition program. To see if a program provides services in your area, view the County of San Diego Home-Delivered Meal Providers list

If you do not qualify for home-delivered meals but you are age 60 or older, you may visit a senior dining center for meal.


For more information about senior dining centers or nutrition services supported by the County of San Diego and Aging & Independence Services, call 800-339-4661 or send us an email.