Relative Notification

Relative Notification

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Child Welfare Services is committed to the importance of relatives and the role they play in a family’s life.  Relatives provide important family and lifelong connections for children involved with child welfare services. Relatives can provide critical support when the mother and father cannot. 

Relatives can help with:

  • Providing care while the parents/guardians receive reunification services with the goal of returning the child to his/her parents/guardians.
  • Becoming a placement for the child/ren
  • Providing additional services and support that are available
  • Contact with the child/ren including visits

California passed a bill, AB 938, 2009, which requires social workers to search and send written notification to located relatives within 30 days of when the child is removed from their home.  The social worker does not have to provide notification if the relative’s history of family or domestic violence makes notification inappropriate.  (NOTE:  This is determined by the social worker and their supervisor.)

To find out the name and phone number of the social worker assigned to the child’s case, please call (858) 514-6995.  Due to strict confidentiality laws, the social worker will be limited as to what information they can share about the case.