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San Pasqual Academy

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San Pasqual Academy is the first residential education campus in the country to serve only foster youth. The Academy provides a stable, caring home, a quality education and preparation for independent living for 136 youth with a permanent plan of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement. Eventually, up to 250 youth will call the Academy home.

Facilities where this service is offered:


New Alternatives, Incorporated (NAI), a non-profit organization, administers the residential component of the Academy. Youth reside in homes on the campus accommodating house parents and up to eight youth. The Academy campus is comprised of learning environments, which focus the youth on furthering their education and increasing their independent living and vocational skills to prepare them for emancipation. NAI's after-school program offers independent living skills training to prepare youth for emancipation as well as music and drama to help youth develop their talents in the arts. Youth participate in a service-learning program to 'give back' to the community. The community is invited to interact with youth and staff through special events, performing arts, mentoring and recreation.

The County Office of Education administers the high school program on campus, which provides a comprehensive curriculum to prepare youth for college or a career. The school's AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) program supports students in their classes as they prepare for college. Extra-curricular activities include athletics, student government, and clubs. A work-readiness program in partnership with San Diego Workforce Partnership, Junior Achievement, Access, and Casey Family Programs complements the residential and academic programs by providing tutoring, career counseling, job training, and internship and part-time employment opportunities.

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For more information phone 760-233-6288 or send us an email.