Webpage last updated 6/28/2024. 

County of San Diego Tobacco Retail Licensing Program


Tobacco retailers in the unincorporated area of San Diego County must obtain a Tobacco Retail License (TRL) on an annual basis and comply with operating and tobacco product requirements.


TRL Compliance Webinar

Compliance activities for the County of San Diego’s Tobacco Retail Licensing Program (TRLP) are scheduled to begin July 1, 2024. Information on the following items can be found here: 6/27/24 TRLP Compliance Plan 2024-2025 Webinar (Video)

• Compliance Monitoring
• Annual Compliance Checks
• Minor Decoy Operations
• Violations and Penalties
• Compliance Timeline

If you have any questions, contact us via email at PHS-TRLApplications.hhsa@sdcounty.ca.gov or call at (833) THE-TRLP or (833) 843-8757.

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Retailers can complete the TRL forms electronically OR manually.

Retailers who choose the electronic option MUST open Adobe Reader© first to complete and sign the TRL forms. Retailers who don’t have Adobe Reader© can click here to download a free copy to their computer.

Retailers who choose the manual option MUST print the forms, complete them, sign/initial them, and then scan them so they can be emailed to the TRL program.

Click on a button below for instructions on how to apply, renew, or transfer a TRL. You can also find more information on eligibility requirements, additional resources, and a section where you can submit a complaint.


For questions or to receive additional information about the County of San Diego Tobacco Retail Licensing Program, fill out the contact form below. 




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