Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths by Demographics

Note: As of 7/20/2023, COVID deaths with a date of death of 1/1/2023 and later are based on death certificate data from the California Vital Records Business Intelligence System (VRBIS). These are COVID-associated deaths where COVID-19 or an equivalent term is indicated in the immediate cause of death, underlying cause of death, or significant conditions contributing to death fields in death certificate data. This represents a change from previous surveillance methods and will result in a change in the number of deaths reported in 2023 COVID-19 death surveillance data.

This dashboard shows the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over time.

  1. Select whether to display the total daily counts, the weekly counts by demographic group, or the 7-day rolling average case rate in the top chart. Note that the case rate is only available for cases, not hospitalizations or deaths, and is not available by demographic group.
  2. Select whether to view confirmed cases, hospitalizations, or deaths.
  3. Select a demographic grouping to view in the second chart. 
  4. To view the counts for a specific demographic group, click on the corresponding bar in the second chart. Click again to remove the filter. When case rate is selected, clicking bars on the second chart will not result in changes to the first chart.
  5. Adjust the date range by using the date slider shown in orange.
  6. Hover your mouse or finger over the bars or lines in the charts to see a pop-up that displays additional data.
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