Note (updated June 29, 2023): This webpage is no longer current and is for historical purposes only. 

See for the latest information.

COVID-19 Cases by Geography of Residence

This dashboard shows confirmed COVID-19 cases by city and zip code of residence. 

  1. Click on the tabs to choose zip code or city.
  2. If viewing zip code data, choose the timeframe: cumulative or previous 2 weeks.
  3. Currently, only cumulative data are available by city.
  4. Hover your mouse or finger over the zip code or jurisdiction to see a pop-up that displays the population, count, percent of total, and/or rate. Cases, percent, and rate are also shown in the table at the right.
  5. Hover over the zip code or jurisdiction in the table to highlight the corresponding zip code or city.
  6. Hover over the map to bring up a tool bar that includes the option to zoom in or out.
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