CureTB Referral Program


Active/Verified Cases and Suspects

Patients with active/suspect active TB will be referred to the appropriate health jurisdictions for continuation of treatment.  Clinical information will be provided to the follow-up provider in English or Spanish.  

How to refer a verified and/or suspect TB case: 

Complete the CureTB Binational Referral Form and attach smear, culture, drug susceptibility and pertinent radiology/pathology reports whenever possible.

Outcomes for Active/Verified Cases:

CureTB will provide a preliminary outcome to the referring program within 30 days of referral and update at 3 month intervals until a final outcome is reached.

  1. Completed treatment – Treatment, as prescribed, was completed. In Mexico, this outcome is used instead of “cured” when bacteriologic confirmation of conversion is not available or not done.
  2. Cured (used in Mexico only) - Treatment, as prescribed, was completed, clinical signs have resolved and the patient is smear negative for the last two months of treatment or culture negative at the end of treatment.
  3. Died - Death occurred before treatment was completed.
  4. Lost – Patient disappeared or never arrived at their intended destination.
  5. Refused/Abandoned - Information was available to verify that the patient contacted or was seen by a healthcare provider in their follow-up destination, but the patient subsequently failed to continue or complete a prescribed course of treatment.
  6. Stopped on Medical Advice - Provider decided to stop medication due to side effects and/or other medical criteria, including that the provider did not believe that further treatment was necessary.
  7. Referral not required - Patient did not move from the U.S. or Mexico as initially intended.

Outcomes for Suspect Cases:

  1. TB Not Proven – The final culture results, if done, were negative for TB and the referring or accepting jurisdiction ruled-out active TB.
  2. Permanent Suspect – The patient work-up was not completed and it was not possible to assign a final classification.  TB could not be verified nor ruled-out.
  3. Referral not required – The patient did not move from the U.S. or Mexico as initially intended.


To Submit a CureTB Referral

You can submit a CureTB referral in three ways.  Use our referral form and attach hard copies of relevant clinical information whenever possible.

  1. Fax: (619) 692-8020
  2. E-mail:
  3. Call: (619) 542-4013