CureTB Referral Program


Source Case Finding

If you have a patient for whom it is suspected that the source case is in Mexico, we can help locate that case.  Good locating information about the suspect case is needed. 

How to refer for source case finding: 

Complete the CureTB Binational Referral Form with the demographics and the clinical information of the index case and send it with the information (name, DOB or age, relationship to the index case, locating information) of the suspected source case.  Please add possible source case information in the comments area.

Outcomes for Source Case Finding Referrals:

CureTB will provide information about whether the person was found to have TB and, if so, their treatment status within 30 days of referral.

  1. Referred

Source case identified – Smear positive Note:  Cultures and drug susceptibility testing are not routinely performed. 

  1. Source case identified and currently on treatment
  2. Source case not identified
  3. Locating information can’t be verified

To Submit a CureTB Referral

You can submit a CureTB referral in three ways.  Use our referral form and attach hard copies of relevant clinical information whenever possible.  

  1. Fax: (619) 692-8020
  2. E-mail:
  3. Call: (619) 542-4013