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21st Annual Public Health Champion Awards Ceremony


During the first full week of April each year,  National Public Health Week (NPHW)  is observed across the U.S. as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving the health of our nation. Each year, the American Public Health Association (APHA) develops a national campaign to educate the public, policymakers, and practitioners about issues related to each year’s theme.

For 2022, National Public Health Week takes place April 4-10. The theme is  “Public Health is Where You Are."

The 2022 Live Well San Diego 21st Annual Public Health Champion Awards Ceremony is the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) signature event, held this year on Friday, April 8, 2022. This ceremony recognizes extraordinary achievements in areas of public health service that protect and promote the health of the local population. The awards were created to honor the role of public/private collaborations that advance optimal health and wellness in the county’s diverse populations. 

When Is This Year's Event?

What Is This Year's Theme?

What You Can Do to Join the Movement

Daily National Public Health Week Themes

This Year’s Event

Tune in to watch the 2022 Live Well San Diego 21 st  Annual Public Health Champion Awards. The virtual event will be available for viewers to watch on the  San Diego County News Center, on April 8, 2022.

Each Awardee will be recognized, and have their name added to a permanent plaque located in the County’s Health Services Complex lobby. 

The 2022 Live Well San Diego 21st  Annual Public Health Champion Awards Ceremony is a program of Live Well San Diego, a long-term vision for improving the health and wellness of all San Diegans. 

This Year’s Theme

The Live Well San Diego Public Health Champion Awards Ceremony is the County’s annual signature event during  National Public Health Week . This year, the Awards Ceremony is being held virtually during the month of April to acknowledge the partners involved in the COVID-19 response.  

This year’s theme award recognizes achievements related to the 2022 National Public Health Week theme: “Public Health is Where You Are.” Visit the  National Public Health Week website  for a full description of the daily themes. These themes embody the vision of Live Well San Diego and the County’s strategic mission. The  daily themes include the following: 

What You Can Do to Join the Movement 

  1. Promote National Public Health Week - Raise Awareness about your organization and public health! 
  2. Host an Event - Add your NPHW event to the hundreds of celebrations nationwide.
  3. Take the Pledge to Create a Healthier America - Join your community to create the healthiest nation.
  4. Join APHA'S Keep It Moving Challenge! - Take one small step each day for a healthier life.

Daily National Public Health Week Themes

Monday, April 4, 2022 - Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Racism harms us all. Racism shapes where and how people live and what resources and opportunities they have. Racism directly affects the physical and mental health of people of color. While people of color experience more direct negative consequences on their health and wellness due to racism, the inequity driven by racism affects society. We must continue to transform our systems and dismantle policies and practices that uphold racism and continue inequities. Advocate for policies and practices that promote truth telling and racial healing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - Public Health Workforce: Essential to our Future

The pandemic has further highlighted the need for a diverse public health workforce to serve diverse communities.  Public health programs need the support and involvement of the communities they serve, so building public trust and confidence is crucial to building healthy communities. A diverse public health workforce that reflects the diversity of the community is better prepared to address health disparities. Advocate for diversity within the public health workforce and for training that addresses implicit bias and cultural competency.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - Community: Collaboration and Resilience

Community encompasses every aspect of our lives - it’s where we live, work, learn and play. Collaborative, community-led, multi-sector approaches to changing policies and systems can address the conditions that hold disparities in place and create more community resilience. To make an impact on public health in your community, you can join a community garden, donate healthy and culturally appropriate canned food options to food pantries or volunteer at local food distributions.

Thursday, April 7, 2022 - World Health Day: Health is a Human Right

Social determinants of health impact the health of every community. Where you are born determines your access to health care along with lifestyle and disease prospects. Human rights are closely tied to how diseases spread and impact communities. Certain groups are at higher risk for disease due to inequalities. We have many opportunities in our daily lives to speak out for the right to health. Stay informed on why health issues are human rights issues.

Friday, April 8, 2022 - Accessibility: Closing the Health Equity Gap

Community systems contribute to our health and quality of life just as much as our medical care system, strengthening community organizations that provide preventive physical and mental health care services, catering most specifically to people with disabilities, students, and unhoused individuals, is supplemental to improving community health, increasing health education, and bringing health care to where people are.

Saturday, April 9, 2022 - Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity

Taking action to reduce and halt climate change today will result in fewer disease outbreaks and better mental health worldwide. To address social inequities and improve our health, we need to strengthen partnerships with communities most impacted by climate change, support community-directed solutions and improve access to health care. Addressing climate change alongside other inequities, like racial injustice, helps improve the health of communities.

Sunday, April 10, 2022 - Mental Wellness: Redefining the Meaning of Health

There is no single cause for mental illness, and certain childhood risk factors, including growing up in poverty or experiencing abuse, can be an indicator for mental illness later in life. Strategies like being physically active, getting a full night’s sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, practicing gratitude, participating in activities you enjoy, developing coping skills, meditating, and connecting with others can improve mental health.


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The Live Well San Diego Public Health Champion Awards Ceremony is a component of Live Well San Diego, a long-term vision for improving the health and wellness of all San Diegans.