TBEI Community Outreach Committee

The goal of the Community Outreach Committee is to promote access to LTBI care in communities at high risk for TB, optimize the model for TB prevention in community outreach events involving partnerships to provide TB screening, testing, chest x-rays, LTBI clinical evaluation and treatment to high-risk individuals in a community setting. Services can be offered as a stand-alone activity or in collaboration with another community health event, such as a flu or COVID vaccination clinic.


Community Outreach Committee Members


Marti Brentnall, MPH, County of San Diego
Andrew Gonzalez, Champions for Health



Members of the Community Outreach Committee include TBEI stakeholders from healthcare organizations, health educators, community outreach workers, Schools, and other community-based organizations that partner with TBEI Community Outreach Team to serve high-risk TB populations in San Diego County.


Community Outreach Committee Roles

Strategic Priorities

As TB Prevention Champions, Community Outreach Committee Members:

  • Partner with San Diego County TBEI on planning, staffing, promoting, coordinating follow-up care, and evaluating community outreach events that improve access to and awareness of LTBI care.
  • Evaluate events and share key learnings with the Community Outreach Committee.
  • Provide input into protocols and procedures used for community events.
  • Partner with County TB and Refugee Health to optimize partner TB community engagement model that promotes TB elimination outreach and services in the community.


Community Outreach Committee Events


TBD – in development, please check back again later.

For more information, please contact the TBEI Program Coordinator.



For more information, call 619-692-5565 or send us an email.